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Talk Plugin: Thank You for Your Feedback!

What is the most important about our work? It is what you think about it. You might be already using our Confluence add-ons or just thinking about trying them. You might love them or you might be dissatisfied with them. In any case, you always have questions, opinions, suggestions about them. And that’s great because anything you have to say about our work helps us make our add-ons better.

Every opinion left on Atlassian Marketplace and every email sent to our support is always carefully read and taken into account. All bugs reported by our users are registered in our bug-tracking system. Even if it’s a known bug, we put down the email of a reporter and when the bug is fixed we ask them to update the add-on to solve the problem. However, we must admit we love feature requests more. It’s always exciting to get an idea that didn’t occur to us. Or in case it did, it’s always expiring to feel that we understand our users’ needs and are going in the right direction.

To encourage our users to provide us with more feedback about Talk Plugin, we promised to send a t-shirt and a book by Sarah Maddox to 5 best feature requests or bug reports sent to us in February. After this we got several interesting ideas from our users about what we can improve in Talk and a couple of very serious bug reports. We did our best to implement the suggested features and to fix the bug in versions 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 that have been already released. We’d like to thank all those users who contributed to these releases, we really appreciate this and hope that you’ll keep sharing your ideas and problems with us by email or by rating our add-ons on Marketplace.