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Talk Plugin Rights Management: Beta Testers Needed

Talk Inline Comments for Confluence is going to get probably the most important improvement since its first release – the rights management feature. Lots of our users asked us to implement it and finally it’s almost there!

In the upcoming version you will see the Talk restrictions field in the Talk window in the Edit mode (the actual interface might look different).

Restricting viewing the discussion

If you want this discussion to be viewed only by certain Confluence users, you can enter their user groups in this field (auto-complete will make it easier). Restricting discussions to individual users is also possible and will make the rights management even more flexible. Talk restrictions always apply to a whole discussion thread and can be changed or removed completely at any moment.

List of users/groups

Restricting Talks to selected users and/or groups can be useful, if you want to discuss something in private. For example, you have a Confluence page that contains a task list for your external project. Your customers can view and edit this page and you discuss the details using Talk. However, if you want to have a word internally with your team, you can hide Talks from you customers in the View and Edit modes.

We hope you will like the feature, but before implementing it in a public release, we’d like to thoroughly test it. If you want to test Talk rights management, please email us to get the installation file. Your cooperation and feedback will be highly appreciated.