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Discussion History for Talk Inline Comments

Adding contextual comments with Talk Inline Comments is an effective way for communicating with your team in Confluence. While we working on a major release that is due soon, we keep adding some little cool things to the add-on. In version 1.7.10, we introduced another long awaited feature – discussion history.  If you ever accidentally resolved a discussion or wanted to trace back some decision to a Talk comment, this feature is going to spare you a lot of time.

Until recently there was no way to see what comments you and your colleagues added if a discussion has been already resolved. With a new Talk Inline Comments version, you can check previous discussions as they once were displayed on a page.

Talk discussions are saved along other changes in the page history with all formatting and time-stamps and for all revisions are displayed at their finale state, that is right before the Resolve button was clicked. All discussions resolved before you install this version will also appear in the page history. Click the screen shot below to see how it works.Discussion History

Clicking various revisions of a page, you can easily find important comments. Also, this new feature offers a workaround for restoring discussions. Although it’s not possible to merge a resolved discussion with a current page state, in some cases (no other important changes were made in the meantime) you can restore a whole page and all your discussions will be restored with it.

Try the new feature now and leave your feedback at Atlassian Marketplace.