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Talk Inline Comments for Confluence: How to Get a Link to a Discussion

In this post we’ll show you a very useful yet not quite evident feature that our Talk Inline Comments add-on has – links to a single discussion. This may come in handy when you want to let someone know what is going on in a particular discussion. Of course, you can give a link to a whole page where a discussion was posted, but then your addressee has to look for the discussion in question, which can be a waste of time if there’re many discussions on the page.

Getting a link to a discussion makes even more sense, if you use it together with permissions. You can create several private reminders with Talk, get links to them and paste them to your to-do list.

To get a link to a particular discussion, just click the comment cloud on the sidebar and once the discussion get focus, you will see the link in the address bar of your browser has changed (click the animation below to enlarge).


And this works even if you can’t edit the page.

Copy this new link and paste it to an email, instant messenger or even to another Talk discussion. However, if the discussion was removed in the meantime, the link will only take you to the page where it used to be. By the way, see this page to learn more about links in comments and other cool formatting features that can make your comments more lively and informative.