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Table Filter for Atlassian Confluence: Use Case

If you happen to work with large tables in Confluence, have a look at our free Table Filter add-on. It allows you to apply free-text and drop-down filters to columns in a table (or several tables) and get your data filtered immediately.

Let’s see an example. Suppose, you have a list of all your employees with a note if an employee is currently on vacation or not.


In the add-on settings you can set up two filters for this table: one (free-text) filter for the Employee column and another (drop-down) for the On Vacation column.


The filters are displayed above the table. If you don’t want to see them by default, you can select Hide Labels in the settings (see above).


Now, if you want to see all employees who are currently in office, choose No in the drop-down filter.


If you need to check whether a certain person is on vacation, enter their name in the Employee filter. The Employee column is filtered as you type.


In this example we have a pretty short table, but imagine it contains dozens and hundreds of values. Filtering is a must-have in this case.

You can play around with the Table Filter add-on without installing in our Live Demo or download it for free from Atlassian Marketplace. Feel free to request new features at or contact our support for help.