Atlassian Confluence

Talk – Inline Comments for Confluence 2.0 Released

Did you often use Talk Add-on for Confluence? If so, you will surely know about its main limitation – ability to add talks only when editing pages. But now it is gone with Talk – Inline Comments for Confluence 2.0.

Adding talks in the view mode was the most demanding feature on our Feedback system, so about two months ago we started work on it and here it is. Now you can quickly and easily add talks onto your Confluence pages without any necessity to switch page to the edit mode.

Due to the specifics of Confluence page structure the talk cannot be placed in any place of th  e page, as it can be done while you are editing the page. Nevertheless you can add talks to the headings, ends of text paragraphs, individual items of task, numbered and bulleted lists. Additionally, you can quickly insert talks into any cell of your table or add to the appropriate images or graphics assets.

talk inline comments

With this feature you can now save a plenty of time during review of documentation and spend it on other tasks and activities. You can temporarily disable the option of adding talks in the view mode on your toolbar or press ‘d‘.

Besides this feature, we have also added a capability to hide the sidebar with the already added talks on the page. You may use this feature when you need to view the clean page without a plenty of talks with your comments and remarks. You can hide talks through the option on the toolbar or by pressing the hotkey ‘]‘.

We at StiltSoft hope that you will appreciate these features and take advantage of them for your everyday needs.