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Introducing Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket: visualized statistics of Git and Mercurial repositories

It’s exciting to see Atlassian taking a new step in developing Bitbucket by engaging Atlassian vendors into the creation of add-ons for this web-based source code management and collaboration solution. Our team is thrilled to be among the pioneers who will be contributing to enriching the functionality of this platform for the benefit of the Bitbucket community and are happy to introduce Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket.


In the Commits tab, you can see the number of commits made over the last year grouped by week and detailed daily commit statistics of the selected week.

Commits chart

In the upper part, the interactive Commits bar chart displays all commits made over the last year grouped by week. Each bar represents one week. Click a bar to see a total number of commits made that week. You can use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate from one bar to another. When you click a bar or switch from one bar to another you see changes in the scatter chart below.

In the lower part, the interactive Commits scatter chart displays detailed daily commit statistics of the week selected in the upper Commits bar chart. Each chart marker represents one day.


In the Punchcard tab, you can see the commit summary by day of the week and hour over the period starting from the first commit in this repository till now. For example, on the screenshot below the “Thursday 2 pm” circle represents the total number of commits made on all the Thursdays from July 15, 2010, till May 28, 2015, from 2 pm to 3 pm. When you hover over a circle, you can see the exact number of commits made during that hour on that day.


Such data can be used to find out what hours of the week have been the most productive for your team. You can use this information to meet different goals. As an option, it’s useful when planning work or searching for ways to improve team performance. For example, knowing the most productive hours of your team, you might want not to plan any distracting activities for those hours and let everyone focus on work. Or you can take a closer look at those top hours and try to figure out what conditions and factors could have contributed to that efficiency. Such insights would help you learn what improves the performance of your team. And you could use that knowledge to optimize working conditions if needed.

Installing the add-on

To install Awesome Graphs:

  1. click your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen
  2. choose Manage Account> Find new add-ons
  3. locate Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket
  4. click ‘Install’

When the installation is completed, you can start using the add-on. To view commits and punchcard graphs of the current repository, navigate to the Graphs section on the left-hand sidebar.

Graphs tab

You can see some nice examples of graphs in these repositories:

If you run across any issues, would like to share your ideas or let us know which graphs you’d like to be implemented next, please, contact us.

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