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Meet Handy Macros for Confluence

Hurraaaaaaaay! We have released a new add-on for Confluence! It is called Handy Macros for Confluence. We mentioned Advanced Status macro in our blog about a half year ago. After this blog post we have received a feedback about this add-on and requests for testing and purchasing it. We didn’t plan to release that add-on in the Marketplace, but your positive feedback has changed our plans.

There were a lot of talks about new product and finally we decided to make an add-on to improve Confluence user experience. The add-on includes a few macros (actually two right now, but we have already planned new features to extend add-on functionality, so number of macros will increase in the future) to add more fun and visualization to collaboration in Confluence. The first release of the add-on contains Handy Status macro and Handy Button macro.

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Handy Status for Confluence

This macro allows inserting interactive statuses on Confluence pages. Statuses can be changed while viewing pages.

To use the Handy Status macro, your Confluence administrator should setup at least one status set.

Now text and background color for the status can be assigned in three different ways:

  • by specifying the hex color code
  • by specifying the text (like ‘green’, ‘red’ and so on)
  • by selecting the color using a colorpicker


After your administrator have created the required status set you can use statuses with your content. Insert the Handy Status macro from the Insert menu:

image2016-3-17 16-6-11

or use a macro autocompletion feature (like a real Atlassian ninja!):

image2016-3-17 16-8-9

Then, select the required status set and status, and click Insert.

image2016-3-17 16-53-20

That’s all, you can save the page and change the status in the page view mode:

image2016-3-17 16-56-5

A new page revision will be created every time when status changes. So, you always can see who changed the status:

image2016-3-17 16-44-42

Also you’ll receive an email notification about status changes if you’re watching the page:

image2016-3-17 16-37-47

Handy Button

This simple macro helps you to make your links more noticeable. It hasn’t any settings, you only need to insert the macro on the page and specify a label, link address and button color. That’s all, your button is ready to go.

image2016-3-17 17-2-13

You can create buttons of different sizes and colors:

image2016-3-17 17-6-13

Improve your Confluence experience with Handy Macros for Confluence

The add-on is already available in the Marketplace. Documentation is also available here. If you have any questions, please email us. And of course you may vote for features and create your own ideas on the product forum.