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How to filter large status reports with lots of data

In our previous blogpost we told you a story about a small studio that creates design samples for other companies. They use a junction of the Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros for their everyday tasks. These macros are extremely useful tools when you need to aggregate a large amount of similar data. The Handy Status macro makes these tools even better for the manager Max and his design team.


Max uses the Page Properties Report macro to aggregate all the sketches for one of design projects. He needs the table with the information for quick review of the project status. Max also uses Handy Macros for Confluence with the Handy Status macro to track and quickly change status for each row of report. The Handy Timestamp macro is also used by Max and his teammates to track the drawing creation time. These timestamps can not be changed, you can only choose the format for displaying timestamps.

In the real life these reports may include hundreds of rows. It may be confusing to see so much data on the screen. So Max applies Table Filter and Charts for Confluence to the generated report. This add-on works with tables (created from scratch, pasted from another source or generated by macros) and offers the flexible filtration for most types of data. You can also draw a lot of chart types with this tool using the whole table data or filtered data.

At first, Max adds the Table Filter macro to the page with the report. Then he moves the Page Properties Report macro into the Table Filter macro:


Then he configures filtration settings:


Now Max can see the filtration pane above the report table. He can quicky set the filters and see only the rows with “Accepted” status:


Then Max sets a date filter to know what sketches were done in June:


After this Max filters the rows to find out what drawings he accepted in June and saves these filter parameters in the macro body. If Max (or somebody from team) needs to see all the data he can disable all filters in one click:


Finally, Max decides to know which designer has drawn more sketches. He combines the Pivot Table and Chart from Table macros to make an illustrative visualization (these macros are also included in Table Filter and Charts):


Even good things are going better with good tools. No matter what you do – you always need to track status of your tasks, prepare reports for your boss or just concentrate on the most important things. You needn’t use a lot of tools to accomplish your tasks – just keep using Confluence. Track and quickly change statuses of your tasks according to your workflow, exactly mark when things happen, build smart and dynamic reports or easily deal with tons of tables, even make cool graphs for your presentation! Create your own set of tools and use your own workflow to enjoy your tasks!