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Smart Attachments and GoEdit Add-ons Integrated!

We are happy to announce the full-fledged integration between Smart Attachments and GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-ons.


As you know, Smart Attachments add-on is an efficient tool for managing attachments in JIRA. It provides you with attachment categories, access restrictions, bulk operations, workflow automations, and other features. All these capabilities simplify your experience with attached files and allow you to perform routine operations much faster.

GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-on is a superb tool for the instant editing of attachments in JIRA. This is a cross-browser solution that allows you to launch the default application for editing a specific attachment format on any operating system. After adding modifications, you get a new revision which you can save in the issue..

Why We Did This

One day we decided to combine the unlimited editing capabilties of GoEdit with the document revision engine of Smart Attachments. This provides more convenience for storing separate document revisions available after each edit. So now you can preserve all versions and if needed restore the appropriate one.


What advantages can you get from this integration?

Now you can use JIRA as a robust document storing platform. You are free to create more complex workflows where design teams can edit interface prototypes and store the entire history of them, where technical writers can work on product documentation with quick access to any document revision, and a lot of other cases that both add-ons cover with ease.

Try! Try Without Any Concerns!

If you deal with editing attachments in JIRA, so the junction of Smart Attachments and GoEdit – Direct Attachment Edit for JIRA add-ons will help you every day! The excellent editing capabilities for all editable file formats and the document revision mechanism will simplify your experience with attachments in JIRA!

Now you needn’t keep document revisions somewhere! Keep them in JIRA and easily access them any time you need!