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Advanced Permission and Security Management in Atlassian Confluence Course Released

StiltSoft team is proud to announce the release of our new “Advanced Permission and Security Management in Atlassian Confluence” training course!

As you may know, Confluence is a great tool for team collaboration. Companies of all sizes and specializations choose this content management software to work together in real time. If you are a new Confluence user, you can easily organize your work exploring its intuitive and user-friendly interface. However, a novice Confluence administrator or an active Confluence administrator working in a fast-growing company may need some help in mastering their Confluence administration skills.

Here comes our new training course for Confluence administrators! The course covers all the main issues related to the permission and security management in Confluence and provides an opportunity to try out all the key points in practice.

We’ve also decided to help you not to get lost among the various apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. We’ve worked really hard and chosen the top four most popular and well-rated solutions to help you rock in Confluence permission management. We will discuss each app in more details and show you how you can benefit from using these add-ons.

Even more so, if you decide to purchase any of these apps, you’ll get a bonus as a course attendee – 20 percent discount coupon.

To refresh your skills in Confluence permission administration, you’ll be able to work through our bonus lesson featured by META-INF, the creators of the Ultimate Permission Manager app.

Moreover, our instructors will guide you through all possible tricky moments. And after successful completion of the training course you will be awarded with a confirming certificate.

  • First Lesson for free!
  • 50 percent off for the first 3 months after the release!
  • 20 percent off to purchase the recommended apps!
  • Bonus lesson featured by META-INF!
  • Certificate of completion!

Who is this course for?

We designed the “Advanced Permission and Security Management in Atlassian Confluence” course to help you and your employees:

  • manage permissions easily;
  • give different levels of access to any piece of information within your Confluence instance;
  • avoid annoying mistakes that can lead to the leakage of confidential data.

This course is perfect for:

  • novice administrators who lack deep theory knowledge and practical experience;
  • Confluence administrators who need to refresh and widen their knowledge;
  • power users who want to become Confluence administrators themselves.

Want to practice? You’re welcome!

For further convenience, our course is divided into six lessons. Each of them consists of a 20 minute video tutorial and a list of practical tasks. The offered tasks cover all the material considered in the videos. To complete the practice, you will be provided with a personal Confluence Server and Crowd lab environment.

If something goes wrong while completing the practice, we can recreate your laboratory stand to help you continue your study from the problem place. Our practical tasks are composed in such a way that you can start from any lesson you prefer, they are not related to each other.

We will check your homework manually to provide you with the detailed feedback and useful tips if needed.

At the end of the course, you can take a final test to refresh and structure all the key points.

6 training modules to master new skills

This training course consists of 6 lessons that offer theoretical materials along with practical tasks.

Lesson 1 (and it is FREE, remember?) is about the basic Confluence concepts such as users, groups and directories:

  • New users: creating, disabling, management
  • People directory
  • User groups: creating, deleting, management
  • Default Confluence groups
  • Administrators in Confluence

Lesson 2 covers some widespread but not less important security tips and main aspects of user directory configuration in Confluence. You will learn how to configure Atlassian Crowd and connect it to your Confluence Server:

  • Secure admin session
  • CAPTCHA configuration
  • User directory configuration in Confluence
  • External directory configuration in Confluence
  • Directory management in Confluence
  • Directory configuration in Crowd

Lesson 3 is related to the levels of administrators in Confluence, space permissions, and page restrictions:

  • Page permissions and administrators
  • Inheritance of page restrictions
  • Space permissions
  • Space administrator
  • Typical permission use cases

Lesson 4 covers all the main issues related to user management in Confluence. We describe a lot of use cases and corresponding sets of permissions:

  • Users with temporary access
  • User count
  • The confluence-users group
  • Delegating tasks
  • Employee lifecycle

Lesson 5 describes main features and peculiarities of anonymous access to Confluence. You will also learn why you may need to use the Comala Workflows app for a separate Confluence instance with public access:

Lesson 6 covers the most popular and reliable apps for permission management in Confluence. We describe challenging use cases and provide you with solutions:

Discounts for the apps we describe

As we have mentioned before, in addition to a thorough study of the internal tools of permission and security management in Confluence our course also covers the most useful and reliable apps from Atlassian vendors. Every student we’ll be included into our partnership discount program and will receive 20 percent off the license price for the following apps:

Bonus lesson from META-INF

In addition to providing discount coupons, META-INF has shared some interesting and rather useful materials with us. If you decide to refresh and widen your skills in Confluence permission administration, you can take our bonus lesson featured by META-INF.

Advanced Permission and Security Management in Atlassian Confluence

Give this course a try and enjoy your study with StiltSoft! If you have any questions or want to get more information about the course, feel free to contact