Document Management of Project Assets in Atlassian Confluence

August 6, 2019
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The more complex project you start, the more documents you need to have. All sorts of policies, specifications, diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, user guides, and bunch of other things should be kept somewhere.

When your team uses Confluence for collaboration on projects, it may be quite inconvenient to store projects somewhere else. In this case you cannot discuss them directly with your colleagues, you need to transition to some other service to retrieve the latest revision, and, finally, you lose the context during your discussion sessions.

These issues made us to design the solution that will provide the centralized storage for your project documents in Confluence. We also kept in mind the necessity to quickly navigate among assets, embed them, and perform all the essential operations on them.

All these concepts were successfully implemented in Smart Attachments for Confluence.

Create the project storage and its structure

Start of a new project is always followed by collection of multiple documents, including old project documentation, new specifications, business and project visions, diagrams of all sorts and kinds, and any other stuff that you find.

During the stage of project evaluation and elicitation of requirements, you need to gather all sources of information and add them into the proper catalogs. This way your teammates can quickly and easily review these files in one place.

project storage in Confluence

The Smart Attachments app allows you to quickly create a project storage with all the necessary folders within it. If you have already sorted out all files on your local computer, you can upload all these folders and the app will recreate their structure in the storage. This is quite convenient when you migrate files from some external file sharing service or from SharePoint.

Upload and manage files with ease

When the project is going on, new and new files are added to the project storage. New folders are created for new document types, old documents are deleted, new document revisions are uploaded.

The Smart Attachments app is a great helper for you here. It provides all the essential features for managing documents and assets in the storage. Additionally, it matches all uploaded revisions by name and attaches them to the parent documents. This way you can keep consistency in your files and you can always locate the latest revision under the source document.

Embed files and folders into context of pages

Keeping documents in the space storage is convenient, but usually a team needs to review files, comment on changes, or point out the necessary updates. This usually occurs in the page context and here the app provides a quick way to embed either documents or entire folders with files.

folder attachment macro in Confluecne

You just need to copy the embeddable link and paste it onto the page. The app will automatically catch this link and will convert it into the document or the folder. The embedding of folders allows you to navigate through the space storage, open files, manage them, and even upload new ones without leaving the context of the page.

Review and collaborate on documents

You can quickly and easily review documents with your colleagues, as the app integrates neatly with the inline comments of Confluence. When opening the embedded file on the page, you can comment on it, discuss some ambiguous points with teammates, and propose ideas on how to improve.

If some updates in the document are needed, you can add them with the help of Atlassian Companion app. You can initiate the file editing right from Confluence and save the modified file as a new revision in the space storage. This keeps all your edited files in one place without any fragmentation when files appear on different pages within the space or even spaces.

For better document searchability in Confluence, you can assign labels to your documents. Further, you can look up for these files when performing the global search for files.

Have fun with document management in Confluence

Yeah, this is not a joke. The Smart Attachments for Confluence app can turn your document management approaches upside down.

You no longer need to browse for specific files through numerous Confluence pages. Find them in one place including all their revisions, collaborate on documents in context, and deliver your projects on time.