Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Bitbucket – Fourth Quarter 2015

February 18, 2016
14 min

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Earlier this month we have posted articles featuring some of the best new add-ons for Atlassian Confluence and JIRA. Today’s post covers top 5 new add-ons for Bitbucket that appeared on the Marketplace during the fourth quarter of 2015.

Previous posts about new add-ons for DevTools:

Top 5 new add-ons for Bitbucket (Server and Cloud) that had their first release in October – December 2015:

1. Commit Policy Plugin for Bitbucket

Commit Policy Plugin for Bitbucket makes it easy for you to use commit policies (a set of configurable conditions) created in JIRA with Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA as a repository hook in Bitbucket Server. Such a hook checks if changes committed to Bitbucker Server repositories comply with the commit policy rules specified in JIRA. Based on the verification result a commit is accepted or rejected.

With commit policies it is possible to restrict who can commit to repositories (e.g. a committer must have a valid JIRA account or be in a specific user group) and within what time periods, verify if the commit message or changed files match a certain pattern (e.g. commit messages must start with a JIRA issue key, lock the “legal.txt” file from modifications), etc. Read more about conditions.

For this integration to work you need to:

Once necessary commit policies are configured in JIRA, a Bitbucket Server administrator needs to:

  1. open the Hooks page in the repository settings
  2. locate the ‘Commit Policy Verification’ hook and click ‘Enabled’
  3. you will see the list of commit policies defined in JIRA
  4. select a suitable commit policy option

Now each commit in this repository will be checked against rules of the selected commit policy. If committed changes satisfy those rules, a commit is accepted. If not, it is rejected and the committer is asked to fix the change and re-commit it.

Pricing: At the moment Commit Policy Plugin is available for Bitbucket Server and it is free. The commercial license for Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA costs 190$ for 25 users; 390$ for 50 users; 790$ for 100 users.

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2. Checkstyles for Bitbucket Server

With Checkstyles for Bitbucket Server you can make sure Java files that do not conform to your coding standard do not get pushed into repositories.

You can:

  • use the same checkstyle configuration for the whole Bitbucket Server instance
  • provide different checkstyle configurations for different projects

Checkstyle configuration needs to be provided as an XML file that is uploaded on the Checkstyle page either in:

  • Bitbucket Administration for global configuration, or
  • project settings to be used for a specific project

Project checkstyle configuration overrides the global settings.

The check for style errors will not be performed if the Checkstyle hook is disabled for a repository. But once you enable the ‘Checkstyle receive repository hook’ in repository settings, pushes to the current repository that contain style errors will be rejected.

Pricing: At the moment Checkstyles for Bitbucket Server is available for Bitbucket Server and it is free.

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3. Wercker Pipeline viewer

Wercker Pipeline viewer adds the viewer that allows you to visualize the wercker.yml files in Bitbucket Cloud.

With this add-on installed, when you open a wercker.yml file in the Source tab of a repository and select ‘Wercker YAML viewer’, you will get a graphical view of pipelines and steps defined in that wercker.yml and needed to develop, build or deploy the project. When you click a certain step, you can see its details, properties and code snippets (if provided) on the right-hand sidebar.

If you need to view files of other formats directly in Bitbucket Cloud, check out our add-on called File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud. It includes 5 viewers:

  • Autodesk Viewer – visualize and interact with with 2D and 3D design data directly in Bitbucket (over 30 supported file formats)
  • 3D Viewer – STL files are rendered as interactive 3D models
  • Map Viewer – GeoJSON files are displayed as maps you can zoom
  • Table Viewer – CSV and TSV files are presented as tables with sorting by column
  • PDF Viewer – PDF files can be viewed right on your Bitbucket pages

Need another viewer? Post your request at the forum.

Pricing: At the moment Wercker Pipeline viewer is available for Bitbucket Cloud and it is free.

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4. Code Navigator for Bitbucket (Stash)

With Code Navigator for Bitbucket (Stash) you can easily navigate to code definitions (classes, variables, functions and methods) when viewing files in the Source tab of a repository in Bitbucket Server. You just need to hold CTRL.

Code Navigator indexes repositories using Ctags and supports all languages supported by Ctags, including JavaScript, Python, C/C++, C#, Perl, PHP, Ruby.

For this add-on to work:

  • exuberant-ctags must be installed and the path to it needs to be included in the Path environment variable
  • after installing Code Navigator, a Bitbucket Server administrator needs to enable indexing on the ‘Code Navigation for Bitbucket Global Settings’ page in Bitbucket Administration

By default only master and develop branches of each repository are indexed.

But it is possible to change that and have other branches indexed as well. It can be done on a global or per-repository level. A repository administrator can change the ref regex on the ‘Code Navigation for Bitbucket Repository Settings’ page in repository settings by adding another branch that will be indexed in the current repository, e.g. to add the branch ‘demo’ the regex should look like this:


Pricing: Code Navigator for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Server. Its commercial license costs 180$ for 25 users; 330$ for 50 users; 600$ for 100 users.

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5. Sonar for Bitbucket Cloud

With Sonar for Bitbucket Cloud you can see the repository-related code quality statistics provided by the open source platform called SonarQube on the repository overview page in Bitbucket Cloud. It includes test coverage, technical debt, potential bugs, etc. There is also the message saying whether the project passed the quality gate or has quality gate conditions that failed.

For the add-on to work, a file named “sonar.json” must be placed in the root folder of the master branch of each repository you would like to see these stats for. This file needs to contain:

  • the URL of the corresponding SonarQube instance (no authentication should be required to access this instance)
  • the SonarQube project key associated with the repository, e.g.:
"sonarHost": "",
"sonarProjectKey": "org.apache.gora:gora"

Pricing: At the moment Sonar for Bitbucket Cloud is free. There is also Sonar for Bitbucket Server that has been on the Marketplace for a while now, its commercial license costs 180$ for 25 users; 330$ for 50 users; 600$ for 100 users.

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