Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Dev Tools – Second Quarter 2016

August 9, 2016
10 min

While the best of the best are fighting to be named top Olympic athletes, 5 new products for Atlassian Bitbucket and Bamboo already made it into the top list – our top 5 new add-ons for Atlassian Dev Tools for the 2nd quarter of 2016. If you missed out on earlier articles in this series, check out posts for 1Q 20152Q 20153Q 20154Q 2015 and 1Q 2016.

In April-June the Marketplace got 31 new add-ons for Bitbucket and 17 new plugins for Bamboo. From this variety of new products we selected 5 that, as we believe, will be the most useful and interesting solutions for our readers:

Comala Canvas for Bitbucket

Comala Canvas for Bitbucket provides Kanban or Matrix boards that you can use for managing issues in your Bitbucket repositories. It allows you to visualize and organize your backlog: just drag issues to assign, prioritize or move them to a new status.

The matrix view shows 2-dimensional boards that are great for managing workload and viewing your backload from different perspectives. For example, select the Priority field for rows and Assignee for columns of your matrix board to see at a glance how many issues of each priority are assigned to what developers or not assigned to anyone yet; and easily rearrange them in no time.

It’s also possible to apply quick filters or your own search queries and customize boards to your tasks and goals.

Pricing: Comala Canvas for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment.

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Code Climate for Bitbucket 

This tool is an integration for the Code Climate platform, which allows performing automated code review for test coverage, complexity, duplication, security, style, and more. It analyzes your commits, pull requests and branches, and informs you on code quality. To get started you need to sign up for Code Climate, create an organization there, install Code Climate for Bitbucket and configure the integration.

Once everything is set up, you can start getting analytical data on your repository pages in Code Climate. On the Feed page you can see:

  • stream with new events in the default branch
  • grade point average, GPA, from 0.0 (failing) to 4.0 (excellent). It is assigned to a repository based on the quality of its codebase and is calculated by aggregating the grades for each class/module/file, weighted by lines of code, into an average
  • hotspots – repository lowest graded code with F, D, C (failing, poor, average) rating. Hint: hotspots may represent the largest concentration of your technical debt
  • test coverage – overall percentage of your default branch currently covered by your testing suite

Other Code Climate pages provide:

  • Code page – a list of all repository files with data points: LOC, duplication, churn, issues
  • Issues page – all issues found in your default branch with filter by category, engine, and severity
  • Branches page – a list of all repository branches that can be compared to your default branch to see how merging a branch may affect your overall code quality
  • Trends page – this page helps you track changes in quality over time and spot trends: Quality GPA graph displaying how your repository’s GPA is changing over time; Grade Breakdown over Time graph with repository individual grades over time; and Churn vs. Quality graph showing how often code is changing against its overall quality

Pricing: Code Climate for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment. But it requires a paid plan of the Code Climate.

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Instabug Bitbucket: Mobile Bug Reporting

Developers of mobile applications that host their repositories in Bitbucket Cloud can use Instabug for beta testing, user engagement and crash reporting. With this solution you can have live conversations with users and let them send their feedback and report bugs directly from your application.

Submitting an issue or feedback is very simple. You just need to shake your device and enter a request. Instabug makes a screenshot that a user can attach to their message and provides an in-app chat for seamless communication with users. When a person sends a request, Instabug automatically builds a report with device details, screenshots and user steps to help developers and support teams reproduce and troubleshoot a bug.

Issues submitted via Instabug can be easily forwarded (either all issues automatically or one by one) to Bitbucket to be resolved there.

Instabug also has graphs with analytics for you to identify trends and monitor the performance of your application.

Pricing: Instabug Bitbucket: Mobile Bug Reporting is available for Bitbucket Cloud. The Instabug platform has plans with monthly and annual billing to choose from.

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SQL for Bamboo

SQL for Bamboo provides Bamboo tasks to run SQL scripts (file or inline) and makes it easy to schedule and manage various database operations in Bamboo.

The source of data can be configured per task or saved in a global or plan variable. If you have multiple sources of data, you can use several tasks. The database query results can be output to a file in one of the following formats: raw, Confluence Wiki or HTML.

SQL for Bamboo supports JDBC compliant databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and DB2.

Pricing: SQL for Bamboo is available for Bamboo Server. Its commercial license costs 250$ for 5 remote agents; 500$ for 10 remote agents 1000$ for 25 remote agents.

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GoogleTest Task

This add-on integrates Google C++ Testing Framework and Bamboo, and can be interesting for those writing their programs in C++. It provides a new Bamboo task, GoogleTest task, that can be used for both running tests and log parsing. Test executables are defined by simple Ant style patterns, can be customized with environment variables and are executed in parallel. In the parse-only mode the add-on doesn’t run test executables but parses created test output files.

Pricing: GoogleTest Task is available for Bamboo Server. Its commercial license costs 89$ for 5 remote agents; 139$ for 10 remote agents 189$ for 25 remote agents.

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