5 Add-ons to Boost Your Confluence – First Quarter 2017

April 18, 2017
10 min

2017 has already reached its quarter, and it’s time to introduce a new Top 5 of Confluence add-ons to you. All the solutions appeared on the Atlassian Marketplace in the first quarter of this year. We have examined around 40 add-ons published between January 1 and March 31 and selected the five tools that can help you to excel in Confluence.

If you are for the first time in our blog we want to remind you that this is a regular series of blog posts. For the set of all add-ons featured in the past year, see our final post in 2016.

The final listing for this quarter includes the following solutions:

Well, let’s see what capabilities each add-on delivers to you.

Google Analytics Macro for Confluence

Google Analytics is one of the most popular services for getting insight into website metrics and evaluating the visitor flow with content reach ratio. With Google Analytics Macro for Confluence you can output multiple charts on your pages in Confluence Cloud.

After add-on installation, you need to authorize Confluence for using your Google Analytics account, and that’s all. The add-on supports multiple sites open to your account. Just insert the Google Analytics chart macro on the page and configure its parameters. Everything is pretty simple and intuitive.

For now, the add-on supports four types of charts, as follows:

  • Sessions
  • Browser/Device
  • Geography
  • Traffic Sources

The vendor promises to extend the set of available charts in the nearest future so you will be able to output most Google Analytics metrics in your Confluence Cloud.

Pricing: The pricing for the add-on starts from $5/mo for 15 users and ends at $100/mo for 2000 users.

Twitter Connector for Confluence

A lot of companies understand the power of Twitter in spreading news and updates. If you are one of those so you will be definitely interested in Twitter Connector for Confluence. This solution allows you to display tweets, timelines, or buttons for quick sharing your content on Twitter.

While editing Confluence pages, you can insert the Twitter Connector macro and adjust its settings. By default, you can show the following:

  • Embedded timeline
  • Embedded tweet
  • Embedded grid
  • Different kinds of buttons (message, @mention, follow, hashtag, or tweet)

In most cases you just need to insert the Twitter account name and the add-on will automatically pull your timeline with tweets. While embedding specific tweets, you need to use the links pointing to them.After saving the page you will get a page with Twitter content you need. This way you can quickly output tweets on your Confluence pages, let your colleagues view the company timeline, or give your customers a quick method to share your product or service information.

Pricing: The add-on is at the beta stage and it is free now. So you can try it and share your feedback with the vendor.

Lively Theme

All of us like the refined and optimized interface of Atlassian Confluence. But each of us have ideas of how to improve the user experience. Scandio team decided to go further and created a Confluence theme.

It adds multiple widgets with vital information on your Confluence dashboard. Now you can instantly see all your Confluence tasks and open issues in JIRA, scheduled events in your calendar, raised questions, the recent company news, and additional updates. It also improves the look of the space selector and provides a better navigation menu across space categories.

You can adjust the positions of the widgets on the Confluence dashboard, hide the unnecessary ones, and configure the actions available through the widget. In addition, you can create custom widgets that output information of any Confluence page of yours.

This theme allows you to improve your Confluence experience and get a quick access to its essential functions.

Pricing: The price for the add-on starts from $120 for 25 users and ends at $2240 for the unlimited license.

Last Log for Confluence

Are you administering Atlassian Confluence? If yes, here’s a tool for you.

Last Log for Confluence allows you to directly view application log right in Confluence. Now you needn’t connect to the server and look up for the log among myriads of directories.

Everything is quite simple and minimalistic. You can select the appropriate log file, define the number of lines to display, and enter the string for lookup. If needed, you can open the full log file in a separate browser tab by clicking the corresponding button.

Pricing: The best thing is that this add-on is free. So you can instantly install it on all your test and production servers.

PDF Editor

Has it ever happened that you had a PDF file but you were not able to locate its source file? And then you needed some tool to add minor updates into the final document? If so, here’s an add-on that will help you with this.

Frankly speaking, PDF Editor is not a standalone add-on for Confluence Cloud. It works as a service provider for the online PDFfiller solution. Once installed, you get an additional action ‘Edit attachments’ in the page action menu.

You can select the appropriate PDF file and transition to its editing in PDFfiller. In the editor, you have a full set of tools to edit a PDF file, as follows:

  • add text snippets in any place of your document
  • insert the graphics elements or images, or draw custom shapes
  • add your signature or the current date
  • erase, highlight, or black out specific text pieces
  • add the interactive date entry fields for quick form completion
  • add sticky notes and watermarks onto pages
  • track the document versions in PDFfiller

After saving the document, you get a new revision in Confluence, so you can always roll back to the old version if any unwanted changes were added.

Pricing: The add-on is free, but you need to purchase subscription for PDFfiller service. If you are already using this service, now you can deliver the necessary changes much faster.

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