5 New Add-ons to Enrich Dev Tools – Third Quarter 2017

November 1, 2017
8 min

Having reviewed new apps for Bitbucket and Bamboo on the Atlassian Marketplace, we are eager to share top five tools that we especially appreciated. Its a selection from new additions of the third quarter 2017. Browse similar posts for the first and second quarters to read about other handy add-ons picked by our team.

Top 5 new apps for Atlassian Bitbucket and Bamboo released in July-Septermber 2017:

UML Class Diagrams by Lucidchart

Class diagrams make it much easier for engineers to navigate and analyze code in their ongoing projects. Visualized software design will also help developers new to a running project to get started, study its code and understand how everything works. Manually creating such diagrams can be strenuous and time consuming. Let alone keeping them up-to-date.

This application provides an integration with Lucidchart, a web-based diagramming and visualization app. The add-on automatically generates class diagrams from source code in Bitbucket Cloud. You just click a button in a repository and the app takes care of everything else. It builds a UML class diagram from the repository code and displays the result on a repository page.

Besides valuable visualization, class diagrams are great for searching source code. When you click a class object, it takes you to a related code snippet right away.

Lucidchart can also be integrated with other Atlassian platforms. Thus, you can share and store class diagrams on Confluence pages, attach them to related Jira issues and refer to these documents in your discussions in Hipchat rooms.

Pricing: UML Class Diagrams by Lucidchart is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment. Though a Lucidchart account is paid.

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Two Factor Authentication for Bitbucket

An app that introduces two-factor authentication (2FA), an additional layer of security, to your Bitbucket Server. It’s meant to secure the source code hosted in Bitbucket by requiring the second authentication – after users enter their user name and password to log into Bitbucket Server, they are asked to type in a token from a 2FA application on their device – a computer, tablet or smartphone.

There are multiple configuration options. An administrator can easily deploy this security system using one of the default schemes or set up a solution tailored to the company’s specific needs by creating custom rules. Two-factor authentication can be enabled for all or selected repositories. A system administrator can also grant users the permission to configure or disable 2FA for their own user account and allow using a recovery code, if needed.

Restricting Git repository activities is another handy option of this product. When enabled, Git actions triggered from external client apps, such as Sourcetree, will go through only after a user establishes a 2FA session.

Pricing: Two Factor Authentication for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Server. Its commercial license costs 280$ for 25 users; 480$ for 50 users; 800$ for 100 users.

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Pull Request Commit Links

This add-on for Bitbucket Cloud lets you see what pull requests a commit was reviewed in. It adds ‘Pull requests’ link to the commit page. When you click it, a dialog with the list of pull requests pops up and you can proceed to viewing shown pull requests for more details. This information can be helpful when you are refactoring code or investigating an issue. For example, when you find a commit that was poorly reviewed and wonder how come, who reviewed it and approved a related pull request.

Pricing: Pull Request Commit Links is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment.

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An extenstion for Bitbucket Server that allows to improve user experience with deprecated repositories and projects. When you need to make a repository deprecated, it is possible to simply update permissions and switch from the ‘Write’ access level to ‘Read’. However, it can confuse users, because they are not properly informed about this change.

The Deprecated-repo app solves this problem by providing a pre receive hook that not only marks a repository or project as deprecated and rejects all commits, but also shows a message with useful information from an administrator.

Pricing: Pull Request Commit Links is available for Bitbucket Server and is free at the moment.

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ScriptRunner for Bamboo (BETA)

ScriptRunner is a suite of apps that automate Atlassian platforms – Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. Now it’s available for Bamboo as well. The product lets you use groovy scripts to automate and schedule Bamboo tasks and actions, extend Bamboo with extra functionality, which would normally require writing an add-on.

It comes with a set of inbuilt scripts:

  • Switch user – to temporarily use the identity of another user.
  • List scheduled jobs – to view job runners and job IDs scheduled in Bamboo.
  • View server log files – to browse the last lines of the server log without connecting to your server.

The application also provides script event handlers that trigger actions when a certain Bamboo event takes place. You can create your own handler or use one of the inbult ones:

  • Expired JDK Listener – stops a build from running if it uses an expired JDK.
  • Conditional Job Killer – sets under what condition a build has to be stopped.

There are also conditional tasks that control whether a job will be executed or not and scriptable tasks, which enable using Bamboo Specs API to dynamically create and run tasks with different parameters.

Script jobs are at hand as well. They can be used for setting up actions that will be executed automatically at regular time intervals. And REST endpoints allow you to connect Bamboo with other DevOps platforms.

Pricing: ScriptRunner for Bamboo is available for Bamboo Server. Its commercial license costs 75$ for 5 remote agents; 600$ for 25 remote agents; 900$ for 100 remote agents.

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