5 New Apps to Power Up Confluence – Fourth Quarter 2019

February 13, 2020
10 min

We are ready with our list of fresh Confluence apps released in the fourth quarter of 2019. In this blog post, you will find apps that will help you improve your work with Confluence content and some useful solutions for Confluence administrators:

Let’s take a look at our list of favorites.

Edit Permission Inheritance

When it comes to inherited permissions, Confluence users need to check everything carefully. The thing is that child pages don’t inherit edit restrictions, they only inherit view restrictions. You can restrict access to each page individually but what if you have hundreds of pages you want your users to view but not to edit? The Edit Permission Inheritance app comes in handy.

Now you can easily enable the edit permission inheritance for your Confluence pages with no need to do it manually for each page in the tree. The app will cascade edit restrictions down to child pages making your life easier.

If you need to change the set of permissions on a lower level of the page tree, just define the permission inheritance on the right page. You still can set permissions on any level the way you need it.

This solution doesn’t conflict with Confluence permissions, it copies an existing set of permissions to all child pages helping users to work with page restrictions without difficulties.

Pricing: The pricing for Edit Permission Inheritance for Confluence Server starts from $20 for 25 users and ends at $500 for the unlimited number of users. The pricing for this app for Data Center starts from $4,000/year for 500 users.

Update This+ for Confluence

Update This+ for Confluence keeps track of your content. This app swiftly updates your outdated or archived Confluence pages keeping them live.

If you use Confluence as a knowledge base where your store tons of documentation, this app can be a lifesaver for you because you can refresh even the oldest pages every day. All you need to do is to set the cycle of this add-on to feature the most outdated content every 24 hours starting at 9 am.

Aside from that, this app adds interactivity to your collaboration with colleagues. You can easily check who are the most active contributors in your team and access real-time statistics on total edits. The app displays a countdown timer until the next update sprint cycle to keep your team in the loop.

update this for confluence

Update This+ for Confluence takes your work with content in Confluence to a new level keeping your documentation up-to-date.

Pricing: The Update This+ for Confluence app pricing for Confluence Cloud starts at $20/mo for 20 users and ends at $1,155/mo for 5,000 users.

Easy Heading Free Macro for Confluence

If you want to have the Table of Contents always at hand, Easy Heading Free Macro for Confluence will help you with that. This app adds the floating Table of Contents to your Confluence pages. You can always access this macro on the right of your page and it will appear when you need it.

Moreover, you can collapse and expand headings of your text taking advantage of the floating header.

easy heading for confluence

Plus, you can apply the Easy Heading Macro to all pages across in your Confluence space.

Pricing: Easy Heading Free Macro for Confluence Server is a free app.

Issue Preview for Confluence

Issue Preview for Confluence lets you get more information about your Jira issues right in Confluence. All you need to do is just hover over the issue key.

Now there is no need to switch between Confluence and Jira when you need more information about issues while working in Confluence. This app provides you with a detailed overview at a glance.

issue preview for confluence

Note that you will need a valid license for Issue Preview for Jira to work with this app.

Pricing: Issue Preview for Confluence Server is free to use.

User Deactivator for Confluence

User Deactivator for Confluence is a simple tool that helps you get your user directory in order helping you detect inactive users.

This app allows you to perform bulk operations when you need to deactivate multiple users or remove several users from the group filtering them by the last activity date. You can exclude certain users who are or are not members of the groups you are working with.

Administrators can use this app to disable inactive users based on selected criteria.

Pricing: The pricing for User Deactivator for Confluence Server starts from $10 for 25 users and ends at $5,000 for the unlimited number of users.


These were five of the new Confluence apps released in the last quarter of 2019. If you missed our previous list, check out apps that will help you refine your Confluence experience.

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