Atlassian User Group in Moscow

November 6, 2012
6 min

On October 12, 2012 the 3d Annual Atlassian User Group meeting took place in Moscow. This time the event was organized by TeamLead, ALM Works and StiltSoft companies.

Atlassian User Group meeting is a traditional event held by the Atlassian partners around the world. Everyone who is willing to share the latest trends on the topic and their experience with Atlassian products is welcome to join it. The meeting is supposed to be a 3-4-hour casual talk between JIRA, Confluence and Development Tools fans and professionals, who have an opportunity to share their knowledge and ask their questions to the experts.

This year the conference gathered more then 120 participants including the representatives of large companies like Mail.ruHFLabsSamsungYandex and others.

It’s worth mentioning that each year the event held in Russia attracts more and more people and hopefully this trend will be followed next year:

The organizational level of the meetings is also getting better from year to year. This time, for example, the conference banner, which we didn’t fail to take a picture with, was placed at the entrance of the building, so that the participants could easily find the right way:

The guys from Teamlead were welcoming and registering all the guests.

The meeting started with the opening remarks of Anton Kolin from Teamlead, who stated that the number Atlassian products users is growing constantly and the Russian market proves to be very promising.

Sherali Karimov from Atlassian was the first one to speak. During the last four years he has been managing the Atlassian’s support team in Amsterdam, Netherlands, prior to which during a year and a half he worked as a developer for the Australian office in Sydney. But instead of getting prepared for his speech, Sherali worked hard to keep up the reputation of Atlassian’s support team as one of the best in the world.

Sherali spoke about Atlassian, focusing especially on Atlassian Marketplace, the place where plugin developers can sell their solutions, as well as about Atlassian OnDemand and Atlassian Enterprise.

After that Igor Sereda from ALM Works shared the latest news for plugin developers brought from AtlasCamp 2012. By the way, the video-presentations of AtlasCamp reports are already available.

Maxim Kuzmich from StiltSoft was the next one to deliver his speech presenting a new product in the Atlassian family – Git repository management system called Atlassian Stash.

He commented on the main functions of Stash, its advantages and disadvantages, its target audience, and listed the most popular plugins that enhance the system (we are proud to state that at the moment the best-selling plugin on Marketplace is Awesome Graphs for Stash developed by StiltSoft).

After a short coffee break our colleagues from HFLabs and Samsung shared their JIRA and Confluence user experience. Without going into details, we’ll just mention that they are happy to use them.

In the concluding part of the conference, Maxim Kuzmich presented an interesting report called “10 tricks for an advanced JIRA administrator”, where he revealed some techniques that can be employed in JIRA.

The event was wrapped up by Sherali Karimov, whose main conclusion was that “in software development it is people that matter, not processes”.

In conclusion, some pictures of the organizing team and the general picture of all the participants were made (you will find more photos from the Atlassian User Group meeting on our Facebook page).

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