Calendar of Atlassian Events 2020 – Updated

January 17, 2020
33 min

Every year we create our list of Atlassian events that take place around the world to help you supercharge your calendars and plan your activities. People who attend Atlassian events have a great opportunity to network with others in the industry, share their experience, and get answers to their questions.

In this blog post, you will find information about conferences where you can have some great face-to-face interactions with Atlassian experts, educate yourself and, of course, have some fun!

We divided all events into several categories:

  • Atlassian activities hosted by Atlassian vendors (including some meetups organized by Atlassian)
  • Atlassian Summit and Atlassian Team Tour 2020
  • More events outside Atlassian Ecosystem that can be useful for Atlassian users

So let’s discover what events you can attend year-round.

Atlassian Ecosystem Activities 2020

We did our best to find everything that Atlassian vendors plan to organize this year. We will update this list with more information once it becomes available.

When What Where Price Hosted by Update due to COVID-19
22 January Avoset Momentum 2020 – Atlassian Morning Helsinki, Finland Free Avoset

28 January-4 February Team Up Tour US and Canada Free k15t and ALM Works

5 February

Atlassian User Forum

Zurich, Switzerland Free bitvoodoo

8 February

How Atlassians Use Trello

Nairobi, Kenya Free Atlassian

11 February Atlassian Cloud Connect 2020 Bengaluru, India Free Atlassian

13 February Atlassian Cloud Connect 2020 New Delhi, India Free Atlassian

10 March

New Verve presents Atlassian in Scotland 2020

Glasgow, UK £0 – £128.39 New Verve

19 March Methoda Atlassian Day Jerusalem, Israel Free Methoda

19 March Atlassian Enterprise Club Day Confluence Wiesbaden, Germany Free //SEIBERT/MEDIA

24 March Daysha DevOps presents Atlassian in London London, UK Free Daysha DevOps


3 April eazyBI Community Day Las Vegas, NV $150 eazyBI

7 May

celix Solutions Day 2020

Vienna, Austria Free celix

14 May Atlassian Enterprise Club Day Jira Wiesbaden, Germany Free //SEIBERT/MEDIA

14-15 May eazyBI Community Days Riga, Latvia 100€ (+ VAT 21%) eazyBI

27-28 May Jira Day 2020 Warsaw, Poland TBD Deviniti

9-11 June Atlassian Day 5 Budapest, Hungary from 55 880 Ft META-INF

23-24 June catworkx Midsummer Day 2020 Hamburg, Germany TBD catworkx

30 June Team Up Forum 2020 by K15t and Scandio Stuttgart, Germany TBD k15t & Scandio

2 July Team Up Forum 2020 by K15t and Scandio Munich, Germany TBD k15t & Scandio

n/a Valiantys Enterprise Days London, Paris, TBD Valiantys


catworkx Atlassian Symposium Vienna

Vienna, Austria TBD catworkx

n/a StiltSoft Atlassian Day Minsk, Belarus Free StiltSoft

Atlassian Summit

UPD: Atlassian made the difficult but important decision to cancel live Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas because of the unfolding coronavirus (COVID-19) situation around the world.

The great news is that you can join Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 from anywhere on April 1–2 with free registration:

Of course, Atlassian Summit is an event that is on everyone’s lips early in the year. This is mainly because it takes place pretty soon. You can meet Atlassian experts, Atlassian vendors and like-minded people on March 31 – April 2 in Las Vegas. Moreover, you can meet Malcolm Gladwell on the summit stage, he is one of the best-selling authors of the New York Times. Atlassian prepared a lot of useful workshops and breakout sessions. You can check the schedule for more details.

As usual, you can take training and certification before the Summit to take your skills to the new level or get certified with the help of Atlassian University.

Of course, all attendees will have a great chance to meet the top Atlassian vendor at the Expo Hall and learn more about apps for Confluence, Jira, and Bitbucket.

Atlassian Team Tour 2020

This series of events takes place a third time in a row. Atlassian experts travel all over the globe to meet Atlassian customers. Attendees can learn about new trends and find how to can scale business with the help of Atlassian products. These meetings will be of great help to enterprise teams because they will definitely explore new tools and technologies.

When Where Details
6 February Tokyo, Japan Tokyo details
11 February New York City, USA New York City details
13 February Toronto, Canada Toronto details
20 February Government Symposium Washington D.C. details
20 February Singapore Singapore details
27 February Sidney, Australia Sydney details
3 March Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm details
5 March
London, United Kingdom London details
12 March
Cologne, Germany Cologne details
17 March
Munich, Germany Munich details

Upcoming Atlassian Events

You can always check Atlassian Community to find more information about Atlassian Community events, Trello events, and meetups from Company User Groups.

Don’t forget to check Atlassian events near you organized by Atlassian User Groups in your city.

More events

If you want to get even more new ideas and approaches to work efficiently and effectively, you can check our list of events that will take place outside of the Atlassian Ecosystem.

When What Where Price Update due to COVID-19
9-12 March Facebook Global Marketing Summit San Francisco, CA TBD

31 March Adobe Summit online Free

TBD Write the Docs Portland 2020 Portland, OR $100 – $500

previous date 3-5 May

11-13 May Global Scrum Gathering NYC New York City, USA $1,650 – $1,850

10-11 June European SAFe Summit The Hague, Netherlands €1350 – €1450

20-24 July Agile2020 Conference Orlando, FL $1,099 – $2,099

3 August  Game Developers Conference San Francisco, CA TBD

previous date 16-20 March

13-15 September Write the Docs Prague 2020 Prague, Czech Republic TBD

14-15 September

Agile Prague 2020

Prague, Czech Republic TBD

16-18 September

ACE! 2020

Krakow, Poland 320

previous date 20-22 May

20-25 September Global SAFe Summit Denver, CO $1595 – $1895

21 October Test & Quality Summit Dublin, UK 160 – 205

previous date 29 April 

8-13 November

Agile Testing Days

Potsdam, Germany 722 – 1911

Save the date!

If you wonder how other teams use Atlassian products, you will definitely find answers to your questions at any of the events listed above. We hope that you can turn some insights you get during these events into action items you can use at work.

You are more than welcome to share your preferences with us and we will update the list accordingly.