Document Management in Atlassian Confluence

February 21, 2019
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Atlassian Confluence is known as one of the best team-collaboration platforms on the enterprise market. Structured organization of pages, as well as real-time collaboration on content, allow people to instantly streamline their ideas, discuss updates with colleagues, and adjust solutions on the fly.

Having such powerful tools and great features, Confluence has one major flaw. It is the retention of documents and attachments in the application. There is no centralized interface to keep attachments. When you start a new project, you deal with hundreds of files and project artifacts that are created throughout the project life cycle. The main problem is that every new document can be attached to the inappropriate page. After some time, this leads to fragmentation of attachments across spaces, and it becomes more and more difficult to find the necessary file.

Centralized Storage for Documents and Files

The Smart Attachments for Confluence app allows you to forget about file fragmentation and improve the document searchability in Confluence. This tool allows you to have a space storage for keeping project documents and files in one place and in the structure you want.

This gives you sufficient tools for document management and control in Confluence. First of all, you can upload multiple folders with documents and files into the space storage. The app will automatically re-create the structure of folders in the target space storage and save documents under the corresponding folders. This way you can quickly move all your project files from your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account to Confluence where all your colleagues can instantly see and use them.

uploading structure of folders and files in Confluence

Embedding Folders and Documents into Confluence pages

To collaborate on documents, you can embed distinct files and entire folders into Confluence pages. All you need to do is to copy the embed code and paste it on the page. After saving the page, Confluence will render a document or folder on the page.

attachments in Confluence

When embedding folders, you can freely navigate within this folder and its sub-folders without leaving a Confluence page.

Reviewing and Editing Documents

Embedding documents into Confluence pages allows you and your colleagues to collaborate on documents, discuss updates and changes in them, as well as edit them with the Atlassian Companion app.

While reviewing files, you can add notes on documents pages and images. This way you can request a series of modifications in the document from your colleague.

reviewing and saving documents in Confluence

These modifications can be added into the document on the fly through the Atlassian Companion app. This way you can keep the entire history of modifications in the document, as the Smart Attachments app will preserve the document revisions in the space storage.

Document Control in Confluence

Document management in Confluence can be a simple and easy task with Smart Attachments for Confluence. Get rid of file fragmentation and locate your project files always in one place.

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