Important Notice about Your TeamCity Integration for JIRA License

August 26, 2013
3 min

We’d like to let you know that starting from version 1.6.0 TeamCity Integration for JIRA will be available for buying at Atlassian Marketplace as well as on our website. All licenses previously bought on our website are being imported to Marketplace.

When you update the plugin in the JIRA Administration Console, you’ll see this notification:

What you should, if you purchased your license:

less than a year ago:

  1. Click Paid Update. We’re neither charging you for this update nor changing your license period!
  2. When the plugin is updated, ignore the Get License dialog and UPM notifications saying that no license is found. The plugin is still up and running.
  3. (Optional) To get rid of UPM notifications, install the Marketplace license as soon as we migrate it.

more than a year ago:

  1. Wait till your license is migrated to Marketplace.
  2. Renew the license at Marketplace
How will your license be migrated?

If the email used for buying the license on our website is different from that used in your account at, a new account with this email will be automatically created. Otherwise, you will just see the plugin license in your Atlassian account.

We’re planning to migrate all licenses in two weeks. Please, let us know if:

  • your Atlassian account is not the email we sent the license key to,
  • you don’t want your license migrated to Marketplace (if buying from Marketplace is not available in your country, or you want to use PayPal for payment),
  • you want to collocate the plugin license period with that of the JIRA instance,
  • you have other questions.