Smart Attachments: Now Compatible with Confluence Data Center

November 22, 2019
4 min

We are happy to announce that Smart Attachments for Confluence is now a Data Center approved app. This means that Atlassian verifies reliability and consistency of our app for large-scale Data Center product environments.

The Smart Attachments app is a must-have solution for efficient document management in Confluence. Now there is no need to spend hours looking for a specific document or its latest revision throughout Confluence pages. Keep your project documents and assets in the centralized project storage and organize them in the way your team can instantly access them.

Improve teamwork and collaboration

Document management can be a real pain if you store your files somewhere in Sharepoint, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box, but collaborate with your team in Confluence. Now you needn’t worry about this. Just move your structure of project documents and assets to Confluence and work on them in context with your colleagues.

The app is able to handle upload of large folders with the simultaneous creation of folders in the space storage, so the order of files and hierarchy of folders will be preserved. Assign labels to specific documents and files for their better searchability among thousands of other attachments in your Confluence.

You are free to embed particular folders into the context of your Confluence pages, so your teammates can instantly preview, manage, review, and upload files in the project storage without leaving the page itself. This helps your colleagues freely access, review and discuss documents related to the page content. If required, users can upload files right to the Confluence page.

Add updates and modifications into your project documentation and preserve the history of file edits since the upload of the first revisions of the document.

Sharing folders with the final documents with internal and external stakeholders is no longer a problem, just give a share link or send it by email.

Enjoy document management in Confluence

Try Smart Attachments for Confluence in your Data Center or Server environment for free. Restructuring your file organization system with the help of our app can make sense for your company. It will help your team to level up document management in Confluence and avoid inefficiencies and interruptions in team collaboration.

Check these YouTube videos to learn more about how this app can power up your document management processes in Confluence.