Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Dev Tools – Third Quarter 2016

November 15, 2016
7 min

Earlier this month we’ve told you about the best new add-ons of 3Q 2016 for JIRA and Confluence. Have you already tried some of them? Today’s Top 5, last but not least, highlights new add-ons for Atlassian DevTools (Bitbucket and Bamboo) for July-September 2016. Wondering what else interesting has come out for development teams this year? Check out our posts for the first and second quarters.

From about 40 new add-ons for Bitbucket and Bamboo we choose five that we liked the most:

Keep reading to learn what these tools do and see which of them can be useful for your team.

Global Pull Request Organizr

This add-on allows you to get an overview of pull requests across the whole Bitbucket instance. It adds the ‘Organizr’ link in the Bitbucket header. When you click it, you can see a page with the list of pull requests (with their metadata) from all repositories. This list can be filtered using search queries that fit your current goals, e.g. you can search for all declined pull requests.

Besides that, Global Pull Request Organizr provides some other nice capabilities:

  • adding labels to pull requests
  • setting a due date for a pull request

It makes working with pull requests more flexible and powerful. Labels and due dates you add to pull requests are displayed on the Organizr page. So you can easily find all pull requests that are overdue in your projects or those with a certain label.

Pricing: Global Pull Request Organizr is available for Bitbucket Server and is free at the moment.

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The npm add-on will be useful for those using Node.js. It’s an integration between npm, a NodeJS package manager, and Bitbucket.

This add-on provides a summary with useful data for each repository:

  • time of the last update
  • number of branches, tags, watchers and forks
  • repository version
  • published version
  • number of maintainers and dependencies (for private NPM repositories)
  • number of download for the past week and month (for public NPM repositories)

The integration also visualizes your package.json dependencies – select the ‘Dependency visualization’ viewer when browsing a package.json file in Bitbucket.

Or choose the ‘Package info’ viewer and see the list of dependencies with their details.

Pricing: npm is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment.

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Bamboo agents usage visualization

Another small, but handy add-on from Atlassian Labs. Bamboo agents usage visualization adds the ‘Agents utilization’ page in Bamboo administration. It displays a graph showing the usage of your agents. You can set a period of time for the graph to see builds related to a specific time span. With this add-on you can easily see the big picture and track Bamboo server load and agents usage.

Pricing: Bamboo agents usage visualization is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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Bamboo Dependency Graph plugin

With this add-on you can see dependencies between plans in a visual form. The plugin adds the ‘Dependency graph’ tab in:

  • plan configuration screen
  • and build result screen

The graph shows plans/builds that are dependent from the current plan or build. It’s especially handy for sophisticated build pipelines. You can choose what dependencies to show on the graph:

  • plans that are child plans for the current plan
  • plans that use artifacts of the current plan
  • or both

Pricing: Bamboo Dependency Graph plugin is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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Agent Power Tools for Bamboo

Agent Power Tools for Bamboo adds the ‘Agent Browser’ page to the build results screen in Bamboo.

This tool makes it possible to browse the build folder and view its files right in Bamboo.

What benefit does it give you? You get a quick access to your build folders and can easily find and go through the needed file when something fails.

Pricing: Agent Power Tools for Bamboo is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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