Year in Review: The Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

January 10, 2020
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We bet that everyone who has a blog wants to know what readers want. To get closer to the answer to this question, we usually check what blog posts got the highest amount of views during the year. Of course, we try to use this information about the most-read topics to create more interesting articles for you.

We published almost 60 blog posts in 2019, and we hope that they helped you learn more about Atlassian products and find solutions to your challenges. So what were the most popular posts of 2019? Here is the list of the most trending blog posts of the past year:

  1. How to search for commits in Bitbucket Server and Data Center
  2. Pull Request vs. Merge Request
  3. Document Management in Atlassian Confluence
  4. Calendar of Atlassian Events 2019
  5. Handy Jira Dashboards for Project Management in Confluence

1. How to search for commits in Bitbucket Server and Data Center

In this article, we highlighted the three options you can use to search for commits in Bitbucket:

  • You can use REST API to get the list of all commits in the repository.
  • When working with Git and Mercurial repositories, you can take advantage of Sourcetree.
  • You can try the Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket app that helps you get insights on the code review process and personal statistics of all contributors.

This blog post will help you to find the solution that works best for you.

2. Pull Request vs. Merge Request

The second popular blog post is about how to effectively work with pull requests in Bitbucket and how to use the Merge Request feature in GitLab. The insights described in this article will help you improve your code process.

Moreover, you will learn how to get more information about your team’s performance with the help of Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket. This app allows you to evaluate the work of every contributor in your team and make decisions with the help of informative graphs that show you detailed information about commits, PRs, and lines of your code.

3. Document management in Atlassian Confluence

This blog post shows you that document management in Confluence can be easy with the help of Smart Attachments for Confluence. This powerful tool provides you with a centralized space storage where you can keep your project files and easily structure them the way you want.

Moreover, you can rapidly embed folder and documents into Confluence pages.

In this article, you will learn more about a great alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Sharepoint that helps you collaborate on your files and documents with ease right in Confluence.

4. Calendar of Atlassian events 2019

Every year blog posts with the full list of Atlassian events that take place all over the world are among the most-read articles. Of course, it can be beneficial to have all the required information about Atlassian conferences in one place. That is why we annually gather all the details about Atlassian events in one blog post and share it with our readers.

In January 2020, we will publish a list of Atlassian events you can expect this year.

5. Handy Jira Dashboards for Project Management in Confluence

The last but not the least is a blog post that describes the five useful charts that can help Atlassian users track the progress of their projects:

  1. Open vs. resolved issues graph
  2. Velocity and committed vs. completed story points chart
  3. Burnup and burndown charts
  4. Gantt chart

You can build these charts using only one Jira Issues macro and Table Filter and Charts for Confluence. This app helps you quickly filter table data and visualize it in a blink of an eye.

Thank you for reading!

These were the most popular blog post of 2019. We want to thank you for reading our blog, subscribing to our newsletters, and sharing our content on social media. Please, feel free to write to us about what you want to learn about our apps and Atlassian products.

Stay tuned for more exciting articles in 2020!

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