Atlassian Confluence Case Study

How Bright Solutions GmbH Runs Internal Learning in Confluence with Courses and Quizzes LMS app

This plugin is a great tool to organize and measure all our internal learning. It helped us to identify quickly based on quiz results which people need additional education. Thanks a lot for this great tool and your support!

Bright Solutions GmbH

Our client Bright Solutions GmbH is a German full-service digital agency offering hybrid teams (mix of local and virtual teams) for various projects including Web, App, Cloud, Drupal and Java development. Their Project Operations team uses Courses and Quizzes LMS app for Confluence for internal learning – onboarding of new people, teaching new processes and knowledge sharing.

Evaluate Readiness after Onboarding

The company prepared quizzes for new hires, which helps to determine how successful their onboarding was. Quiz questions cover all the important areas of a new job and processes screening the level of employee readiness. With quiz results a manager decides if a person can start their work or needs further education.

Check Understanding of New Processes

When the team changes major processes, they create learning material and quizzes for all the engaged employees to study and complete. It is important to make sure everyone is aware of a change and is all set for adjustments. Just like with onboarding, quiz results are used for tracking who passed (demonstrated ability to operate in a new way) and failed (needs to go through learning material one more time with focus on certain aspects).

Sharing Knowledge and Experience with Colleagues

Knowledge sharing is another facet of internal learning in Bright Solutions GmbH. When team members discover new things or have individual learning, the team creates survey-like quizzes to find out if others already faced similar problems. If so, they work out some learning materials and make them available for everyone.

This approach lets an employee find out if their experience and findings are of interest before actually spending time on creating content for knowledge transfer.

Courses and Quizzes LMS App for Your Internal Learning

Bright Solutions GmbH uses an app to add learning management functions into Confluence – Courses and Quizzes LMS app. The team creates tests (quizzes) and learning material in Confluence to be certain new people successfully complete their onborading, educate employees about changes in key processes, and carry out exchange of team and individual knowledge.

The company is about to extend their usage of the app and start creating courses for these use cases and more.