5 New Add-ons for Dev Tools at Atlassian Marketplace – First Quarter 2017

May 18, 2017
7 min

The spring is in blossom and new products are blossoming at Atlassian Marketplace. We’ve already shared our selection of top 5 new add-ons for Confluence and JIRA with you. Now let’s take a look at what’s new for Dev Tools (Bitbucket and Bamboo). We reviewed the add-ons that were launched at the Marketplace during January-March this year and chose 5 that we thought might be especially interesting and useful for our readers.

Top 5 new add-ons for Bitbucket and Bamboo released in the first quarter of 2017:

Go through a brief overview of these products to learn which ones can be a catch for your team. You can also check out our posts in this series for 2016.

Bitbucket Cloud Power-Up for Trello

Atlassian acquired Trello and now this tool is in the stack of Atlassian products. If you haven’t tried it yet, Trello is something between Confluence and JIRA. In this solution, everything revolves around cards (like in Kanban and Scrum boards in JIRA). Cards are neat and can have various types of content that you can discuss with others.

Trello can be extended with power-ups (aka add-ons in the Atlassian community). Bitbucket Cloud Power-Up for Trello is one of them. It integrates this collaboration tool with Bitbucket and allows you to:

  • have links to Bitbucket repositories on your Trello board
  • link branches, commits and pull requests to Trello cards and see pull requests statuses while browsing a board
  • create a new branch in a repository from a Trello card

So if you use Trello for some of your projects or tasks that involve activities in Bitbucket, this add-on will add visibility and an easy way to move between these two systems.

Pricing: Bitbucket Cloud Power-Up for Trello is available for Bitbucket Cloud and is free at the moment.

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Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket

This add-on for Bitbucket Server brings in some new capabilities that you might be missing:

  • editing the message of the last commit in a branch (can be performed by repository administrators and commit authors)
  • completely deleting files (from all revisions in a repository; can be done by Bitbucket administrators)
  • deleting commits, but not their contents – changes get moved to the next commit
  • removing pull requests (works with limitations)

If these additional functions sound like something that can make your life easier, give it a try.

Pricing: Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket is available for Bitbucket Server. Its commercial license costs 60$ for 25 users; 110$ for 50 users; 200$ for 100 users.

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Google Play Publisher

A handy add-on for those who are developing applications for the Android platform. It provides a Bamboo task that you can use to automate the deployment of changes to Google Play. This solution uses the Google Play Developer Publishing API, which works only with existing apps. That is why you will need to upload the first Android APK file to the Google Developer Console when getting started with this Bamboo task.

Pricing: Google Play Publisher is available for Bitbucket Server is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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BrowserStack Plugin for Bamboo

BrowserStack is a tool that lets developers test websites in different browsers, on various operating systems and devices. This plugin enables an integration between BrowserStack and Bamboo.

It is possible to configure BrowserStack globally in Bamboo.

You can also enable the BrowserStack local to test private and internal servers, and public URLs. Another option is to configure individual jobs.

If your tests are written with JUNit and TestNG, the add-on will show BrowserStack test reports in Bamboo job results.

Pricing: BrowserStack Plugin for Bamboo is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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Container Security

This is another integration for Bamboo, with Aqua Security, a security solution for on-premises and Cloud containerized applications. This system scans container images to check them for vulnerabilities and malicious behavior, and provides security controls for Docker environments.

The Container Security add-on for Bamboo makes the power and capabilities of Aqua Security accessible for Bamboo users.

Pricing: Container Security is available for Bamboo Server and is free at the moment.

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