Top 5 New Add-ons for Atlassian Stash – Second Quarter 2015

July 21, 2015
8 min

Following the posts about new add-ons for Confluence and JIRA of the second quarter of 2015, today’s article will highlight top 5 new add-ons for Atlassian Stash, which our team considered to be the best products for Stash from those appeared on the Marketplace in April-July 2015. By the way, you can also check out our April post about new add-ons for Stash of the first quarter.

Top 5 new add-ons for Stash:

You’ll learn about the problems the add-ons are meant to solve, potential benefits for you and pricing.

1. Editor for Stash

With Editor for Stash you can edit your files right in Stash and avoid going through the whole Git workflow.

It allows previewing markdown before committing, works in your browser and doesn’t require cloning or editor.

Code folding and syntax highlighting are supported. When done editing, you can choose whether to commit directly into the branch or to create a pull request.

Other benefits:

  • Completely server-side
  • Support for Github Flavored Markdown
  • Configurable: direct commit privileges can be turned on or off on a per repository basis.
  • Support for personal repositories.

Pricing: A commercial license for Editor for Stash costs 160$ for 50 users (80$ for 25 users; 300$ for 100 users).

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2. Pull Request Notifier for Stash

Pull Request Notifier can invoke one or several custom URLs when a pull request event is triggered. There can be different URLs for different repositories with filters. URLs are highly configurable with various variables and 2 fields to construct a filter (filter string and filter regexp). You create a string with variables and add a regexp. When the regexp matches the text, the notification is triggered. It can, optionally, add HTTP Basic Authentication headers when triggering URL.

Pricing: Pull Request Notifier for Stash is free.

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3. Search for Stash

Search for Stash is a powerful full-text code, commit and file search tool for repositories powered by a built-in Elasticsearch node that uses Query String Syntax.

It includes support for wildcards, regular expressions, fuzziness, and more.

You can filter search results to:

  • only code, commits or file names
  • specific projects
  • certain slugs
  • certain refs
  • certain file extensions
  • a specific author
  • a certain date range

It’s possible to search globally through the Codesearch toolbar, or search in a specific project or repository by using the Stash toolbar on the left sidebar.

The add-on doesn’t require external servers or services, provides analytic search with search statistics.

Pricing: A commercial license for Search for Stash costs 400$ for 50 users (150$ for 25 users; 800$ for 100 users).

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4. ScriptRunner for Stash

ScriptRunner for Stash helps ensure a good quality of merges, encourage following best development practices. It allows global administrators to apply hooks, merge checks, and event handlers for workflow automation and customization.

Most of them can be used with conditions for you to have more flexibility and control. Conditions can be added to all or selected repositories.

With this add-on you can set default and mandatory approvers for pull requests, prevent undesired events by providing abilities to:

  • stop developers pushing changes on behalf of someone else
  • stop change sets being pushed directly to your release or master branches
  • stop deletion of your release tags by mistake
  • ensure feature changes are associated with a JIRA issue through both scripted conditions and extended JQL queries
  • block pushes to your release branches after it has been frozen

It also includes administrative scripts that allow to:

  • mirror all commits and tags from GitHub and BitBucket to Stash (for you not to be dependent on GitHub and BitBucket being available at all times, or to migrate repositories from GitHub or BitBucket to Stash)
  • switch to a different user (e.g. to reproduce a problem a user is telling you about, merge a pull request on behalf of another user)

Pricing: A commercial license for ScriptRunner for Stash costs 330$ for 50 users (180$ for 25 users; 600$ for 100 users).

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5. All Pull Requests

All Pull Requests allows displaying all pull requests for all available projects or only for a specific project. It can be useful when you need to see pull requests on a project or cross-project level.

It includes the Mergeability column that displays as an icon the information about what is blocking the merge operation:

  • insufficient branch permissions
  • not all required builds are successful yet
  • requires approvers
  • resolve all merge conflicts first
  • requires all tasks to be resolved

Pricing: All Pull Requests is free.

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