Atlassian Confluence

Handy Reminders, Smart Page Diffs and Easy-to-use Timestamps in Confluence

Handy Macros for Confluence is the app made to greatly improve your user experience in Confluence. After three months since the first version was released we have added some new features that add more fun to the day-to-day collaboration process.

Main differences between Handy Macros 1.0 and Handy Macros 1.4

Handy Macros for Confluence has been significantly improved since version 1.0. Here is a short summary that describes what’s changed:

Handy Page Diff

This feature will help you quickly see what changes were made to the Confluence page that you have visited more than one time. Starting from the second view of the same page you’ll be informed of all the changes made on the page, the count of changes, and users who made them. It’s very useful for large and frequently edited pages. You need only one click to open the diff between the current and the last seen revision (and you can always be aware of all page updates and changes since the last opening ). You can confirm that you have seen all the changes after viewing the diff. Next time you’ll be informed of only the changes made since your last acknowledgment.



The feature can be annoying in some cases, so we added an option allowing users to disable this feature for themselves or allowing the administrator to do this for the whole Confluence instance. Although we hope you won’t do so. (smile)

Handy Timestamp

This is quite a new feature that allows you to insert a current timestamp into a Confluence page.

As far as we know, timestamp feature won’t be implemented in Confluence. You can only quickly insert the date by typing double slash (//), but you should select the date in the date picker. We thought that this feature should be available and we did it.

The macro is quite simple and can be used in many cases when you need to insert the current time. For example, you can insert the start and finish date and time for your tasks or track when exactly you installed a new software version to your server. You only need to insert it on the page and select the appropriate timestamp format. Timestamp format is saved and next time when you insert the timestamp you’ll get the same format for it.


Date and time in a timestamp can’t be changed but you can always change a timestamp format. This allows you to protect the timestamp from unwanted changes.


Handy Reminder

We should remember a lot of things in our everyday life:

  • We play volleyball on Fridays, so we need to book a volleyball court
  • We need to order some water for the office needs
  • We need to write some useful blog posts but we have no time right now to do that

There are a lot of situations when a reminder will be useful. That’s why we made a Handy Reminder macro for Confluence. Now you can insert a Handy Reminder macro on any Confluence page and you’ll get an email notification when a reminder’s time comes.


You can set reminders for your own needs or for your team, you can use periodic reminders, you can set the frequency for getting notifications and define the time period for reminding (for example, you can remind your colleague to check your tickets in a helpdesk system every day while you’re on vacation).


Handy Status macro improvements

Handy Status is an interactive status macro. You can change your status right from the page view mode (the native Status Macro doesn’t provide this feature).

This macro got two new features:

  • An ability to create personal statuses
  • An ability to copy any status set to the personal statuses

The first version of Handy Status macro allows the user to create only global statuses configured by Confluence administrator.

Now each user can create and use his or her own status set, no actions from the administrator are required. At the same time Confluence administrator can configure some default sets of statuses available to all Confluence users.

We also added an ability to copy any desired status set as a personal set for this user. This can be useful if you like any status set, but you need to add slight changes to it before continuing its usage. Just copy this set to your personal sets and change it the way you want in a few clicks (or you can use it “as is”).


What next?

The add-on has been significantly changed and greatly improved since the first release. We have more ideas of how to enhance it and we will do it in the future, but we also need your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for add-on augmentations.