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How to Track Progress over All Training Courses in Confluence

Here, in Courses and Quizzes team, we’re doing our best to create features our customers need the most. Today we are pleased to present a new report in Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence that will be extremely valuable in the analysis of your organization’s learning process.

With Course Results Report, you’re able to generate reports based on courses you have in Confluence. It’s a macro that you can insert into any page and get a report for all or several courses, participants and their progress. Course Results Report saves you time you could spend collecting data from each course individually.

View all courses’ results in one place

Earlier, an administrator could get a report for each separate course only. Now you can keep reports about all the courses on one page. To get a global report about all courses, all you have to do is to insert the Course Result Report macro to the page. As a result, you have a table that includes information about all courses and employees that were enrolled in them.

This report can save you the time in several cases. For instance, when your Learning & Development team wants to track all courses and their participants in one place. Or when your management needs a global report on all courses taken by employees this year.

Enjoy a flexible report configuration

With the help of the macro, you can include only those courses and participants you need for your report. A report can be based on a user group and their courses. Also, you can create a report for one single participant and include all or several courses passed by this person. It is convenient, especially if your supervisor wants to know how learning goes for each of the employees in their team.

Share course results with your colleagues

A ready-made report can be shared just like any other Confluence content. Imagine how handy it can be when you need to share particular course results with a supervisor or team lead.

Track effectivity of learning in your organization

Try the new version of Courses and Quizzes to have a better understanding of the learning process in your organization. Course reports can help you enhance your education program and check course results on the fly.

Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’ We can do nothing then agree because well-educated employees are a key to a prosperous and successful company. Create more educational material for your employees – Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence is there to help you.