How to Set Up Product Knowledge Training in Confluence

August 13, 2019
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Salespeople must be fluent when it comes to the products they sell. Customers tend to purchase products and services from companies whose representatives can confidently speak about what they offer. If a company doesn’t pay attention to team product knowledge training, it may result in loss of customers and reputation.

Product knowledge training can help organizations boost the overall performance of their sales team. However, creating successful knowledge training is a challenging task. It is essential to provide your team with the tools they need to successfully sell the full suite of services.

Use Confluence for product knowledge training

It is always a good idea to use solutions your team is already familiar with not to make the training process too tedious and work-consuming.

Just imagine that you need to pull employees from their daily responsibilities to teach them how to use a new learning management system (LMS).

If your team is already using Confluence for team collaboration, you will enjoy a smooth process of teaching your sales professionals with the help of izi – LMS for Confluence. This app helps teams worldwide create courses right in Confluence and deliver top-notch online training.

Provide training in bite-sized modules

To ensure that your sales team retains product knowledge, you can break down the course content into manageable chunks. You can divide all the information about the product into modules building sales knowledge logically. This way, your salespeople can consume easy-to-digest information that fits in their normal workflow.

When it comes to product knowledge training, you can provide course participants with the product overview, your value proposition, the competition, and how you win.

product knowledge training in Confluence

Since the modules are brief, the information is more likely to be retained and applied. For instance, you can familiarize your sales team with client needs, improve objection handling, and motivate them with the most exciting success stories.

Engage sales team through diverse training content

To educate employees on your goods, you can create product videos that explain and visually exhibit product benefits. Demonstrate how customers solve their problems with the help of your product.

add videos to training courses

Moreover, you can add engaging quizzes to the course to help course participants capture information on the fly.

add quizzes to training courses in Confluence

Videos, tutorials, and quizzes will encourage your team to learn more about your product. Above all, a perfectly designed interactive training course can act as a catalyst in improving sales success.

Build an easy-to-use knowledge base

To quench the thirst for knowledge of your employees, you can create multiple courses on various topics. However, when it comes to organizing training content, you need to efficiently structure all existing courses. In this case, you will help your users find what they are looking for without getting sidetracked. 

izi – LMS for Confluence adds the Learning tab to the header menu of Confluence, helping users swiftly enter the knowledge base.

learning portal in Confluence

In other words, everyone can use the Learning catalog when they need a refresher or want to continue with their courses.

Collaborate on training materials with your team

Confluence allows people to collaborate on content. This also applies to courses because course administrators can easily discuss the structure or materials they want to include.

collaborate on training content in Confluence

They can point out if the course lacks some content and discuss the outdated content right in the comments of a course administration page.

Track progress to understand if training works

It is essential to make sure that course participants have digested the material and arranged it. Course administrators can track the progress of all the people involved in the course.

track course completion

Checking the results, they can offer additional training to the people who have some pitfalls during education. Finally, course administrators can export course reports on the fly.

export course progress report from Confluence

Create fluent product knowledge training

Product knowledge is one of the sales skills crucial if you want to improve sales performance. It’s important to make sure that your sales professionals can convert prospects into customers and provide them with impeccable client service.

Salespeople are snowed under with endless documentation, product spec sheets, brochures, YouTube videos, and more. So it is essential to provide them with the information they need. And here comes well-structured product knowledge training.

Try izi – LMS for Confluence free and create your first course to provide your team with consistent sales training.

You can check the sample training courses and try them either as a participant or as an administrator. You can also use our demo site to try out this app and discover its features with no need to install it.

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