Two-Minute How-To: Creating Polls in Confluence Cloud

November 17, 2020
#How To#Confluence
4 min

What is the best way to get instant feedback from your teammates or blog audience? Polls and surveys definitely do the job.

Let’s quickly recall three use cases where you can benefit most from polls and surveys.

1. Gathering votes from your teammates

With the help of polls, you can collect actual data to find the optimal solution for your task. Make sure that you hear the voices of your teammates before making a final decision in questions that require the involvement of the whole team.

2. Collecting feedback

If you’d like to get instant feedback on the results of your work, you can simply ask the audience. This information will help you improve and provide more relevant results next time.

3. Creating engaging and interactive content

While writing a blog post, surveys allow you to do your research on the go. They also can help you get to know your colleagues better. Moreover, posts become very engaging for readers when they have the opportunity to reflect on the content with the help of your questions.

How to create a poll in Confluence Cloud

The Handy Poll macro is bundled in the Handy Macros for Confluence Cloud app. The macro allows you to add a poll to a Confluence page in a few steps.

If you have any questions regarding the app’s features or would like to suggest a topic for the next Two-minute How to, feel free to contact us. Stay tuned! 🙂

Try Handy Macros for Confluence Cloud for free.


Atlassian moves to Cloud. What will happen to Server?

October 26, 2020
36 min

Last week, Atlassian announced their plans for the future introducing changes to their Server and Data Center offerings. They made a decision to sharpen their focus as a cloud-first company. In short, they will end the support and sales of Server licenses.

As of February 2, 2021, Atlassian will no longer sell new Server licenses and will switch to subscription licensing only. They will also be implementing new prices for Server renewals and upgrades as well as new prices for Data Center subscriptions.

Things are changing fast in the tech world, and probably in a couple of years, your company will willingly move to Cloud or Data Center. But until then, you still have three years to take advantage of Server and Server apps.

What will happen to Server products?

We will briefly highlight the key changes to Server products and how they will affect our Server apps.

Customers can renew their existing Server licenses for 3 years.

Existing Server customers can purchase Server apps until February 2, 2023.

Data Center

Atlassian will increase the Data Center pricing. If you have an existing subscription (purchased or quoted before February 2, 2021), you will receive a price increase on your next renewal. You can check Data Center roadmap for more details.

Our apps vs Hosting options

We will continue to develop and support our Server apps until February 2, 2024.

Most of our apps already are available for Cloud and Data Center. Below you will find the list of all Stiltsoft solutions for Confluence, Jira, and Bitbucket with the hosting options that are available at the moment.

If there is no required hosting option for our Server app, please, let us know your questions/concerns, feel free to contact us.

  • (plus) option is available
  • (minus) – option is not available
  • (lightbulb)– option will soon become available

Our Server apps will be available for download until Feb 2, 2023. We will end Server app support on Feb 2, 2024.




Data Center

(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (minus) (plus)
(plus) (minus) (lightbulb)
(plus) (minus) (plus)
(plus) (minus) (plus)
(plus) (minus) (minus)
(plus) (minus) (minus)
(plus) (minus) (minus)
(plus) (minus) (minus)
(plus) (minus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(minus) (plus) (minus)
(plus) (plus) (plus)
(plus) (plus) (lightbulb)
(plus) (minus) (minus)

Useful resources to check:

We are here to help you, please, feel free to contact us at in case you have questions.

Please, let us know if you are planning to migrate to Cloud or Data Center.

Interactive Page Properties Reports in Confluence Cloud

September 22, 2020
#Confluence Tutorial#Confluence
8 min

Teams of all types and sizes choose Confluence because every team member can take advantage of this scalable tool and tailor it to their needs, whether they create engaging content or structure tasks to balance deadlines.

Today, we will focus on how this robust solution can help business analysts organize and track requirements to better communicate project progress to the stakeholders.

We will highlight this platform’s native capabilities and show you how you can power up it with Handy Macros for Confluence saving your team a lot of time and effort.

Native Confluence tools to gather requirements

When business analysts work with customers, they use Confluence to collate their clients’ requests and needs. To speed up and organize the process of gathering information, they can use the Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros that work together to help the BA team create seamless pages with requirements.

They add essential information to each Confluence page reflecting due dates, statuses, lists with product versions, sprints, information about releases, and more.

This report provides the technical team with a bird’s-eye view of multiple Confluence pages with project requirements. Moreover, it can be useful for project managers because they get a quick way to plan releases jumping through a long list of project requirements for easy reference.

The only downside is that you need to remember all status names your team uses per project since you need to manually enter the status name and choose its color in the page edit mode once you want to change it. When typing the status name in a hurry, it can be easy to make a typo or choose the wrong color, which may cause mistakes and confusion in other departments.

Different status names with the same colors may confuse your team.

Moreover, if you need to update dates in your project requirements, you know that the only way to do that is to edit the page. It can be a challenging task when you summarize a ton of related pages in one report. This means that you need to constantly switch between pages to update essential information.

So your team can do this routine the hard way spending their time on manual updates or choose the easy way and take advantage of Handy Macros for Confluence.

Power-ups for your Page Properties Report

Handy Macros for Confluence equips users with the Handy Status and Handy Date macros. These interactive tools make it a lot easier for your colleagues to plan their work and capture key details of the project.

Now any user can create their own set of statuses that every team member can use. For example, business analysts can prioritize requirements with the help of interactive statuses.

The best thing is that you can easily change statuses right in the page view mode.

This means that there is no need to manually update thousands of statuses in dozens of documents. Choose the required status on the fly to make the review of requirements easy. Additionally, users can change dates without editing the page.

Just pick the date, click the Apply button to update the date in the page view mode.

You got a meaningful report that can help your team capture critical details like due dates, description, priority, and task status of your project requirements.

You can identify the goals, priority, and task status at a glance.

Better organization of project requirements: things to keep in mind

  1. Summarize project requirements in an easily digestible way
  2. Add interactivity to your Confluence pages
    1. Install Handy Macros for Confluence
    2. Create as many status sets as you need to better communicate task progress to your stakeholders
    3. Pick new dates for milestones and deadlines in a flash
    4. Update reports right in the page view mode

Imagine how much time your team can save on editing dates and statuses with the help of this handy solution. The Handy Macros app is also available for Confluence Server and Data Center.

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Handy Macros for Confluence Cloud Released!

April 24, 2020
#How To#News#Confluence
3 min

We’re delighted to present Handy Macros for Confluence Cloud. The server version has proved itself with up to 1000 installs. Now you can try the most requested Handy Status macro on Cloud platform. You no longer need to edit a page to change the status on it. Use Jira-like workflows for everyday task tracking. Save your time by choosing the right option from the pre-defined list of statuses.

There are just three steps to add more interactivity on your Confluence pages by switching statuses in the view mode.

Set up status sets

In the Apps section, add status sets and statuses within them for your company’s and teams’ needs. An appealing color scheme lets you adjust their look and design for better visibility on Confluence pages. You can also get started with the pre-defined status sets and instantly proceed to adding them to your Confluence pages.

Insert Handy Status on your page

Insert the macro onto your Confluence page and select the appropriate status set. You can fill out a table column with the statuses to use the functionality of dropdown lists. The Handy Status macro also plays well in combination with the Page Properties Report macro. If you add dynamic statuses in the Page Properties macros, you can switch them within the aggregated report.

Change statuses on the fly

This step is pretty easy. Just click the status in the view mode, select a new one and that’s it!

The Server version of the app includes 12 macros and Confluence augmentations. Vote for the next feature to appear in the Cloud version of Handy Macros for Confluence.

StiltSoft Cloud Add-ons are Cloud Security Compliant and Atlassian Verified

August 23, 2016
1 min

We at StiltSoft have some great news to share with you! Our team is happy to announce that all our Cloud add-ons have been verified as Cloud Security Compliant in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Continue reading “StiltSoft Cloud Add-ons are Cloud Security Compliant and Atlassian Verified”