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Meta-Inf Atlassian Day in Budapest

The great weather is not the only thing why we enjoy this season. But the summer also provides the jam-packed schedule of Atlassian events in all parts of the world. It is a great chance to meet different Atlassian community members, learn more about the latest trends in the Atlassian ecosystem, share the knowledge about the best solutions and approaches, and just have fun together.

We already told you about our unforgettable journey to the first European Atlassian Summit in Barcelona and invited you to join us at catWorkX Midsummer Day in Hamburg.


Last week we visited one more Atlassian event in Hungary. It was held by Meta-Inf. This Budapest-based team of Atlassian Experts provides consulting, support, training, and add-on development services. They organized Meta-Inf Atlassian Day the second time in a row.

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Made in Belarus

Sometimes in our blog posts we mention that StiltSoft company locates in Belarus. Recently we’ve asked ourselves, ‘What do our readers know about our country?’ Apparently, not much. And we want to change this situation. (smile)

After reading this article, you will understand why Belarus has gained global recognition for its IT and software development achievements.


Maybe some of you will be surprised to learn that such world-known companies as EPAM, Wargaming, Viber, MAPS.MEMasquerade (MSQRD live filters app), IBA Group, and Apalon originate in Belarus.

Our today’s blog post highlights the most popular stories of success.

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JIRA Tutorials: from Beginner to Expert – Part 2


Last time we told you about the useful Atlassian sources for JIRA beginners and provided you with the list of the books written by Atlassian Experts about JIRA.

We recommend you to use several resources to constantly improve you knowledge of JIRA. And this time we want to concentrate your attention on video courses and quick JIRA tutorials.

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Every Little Bit Helps

Earlier we mentioned how Atlassian community inspired us to help people who need kindness and care by making our contribution into good causes. Last summer we decided to turn helping others into StiltSoft’s good tradition and became a part of Pledge 1% community.


So many people around us need our support and assistance every day and there are so many ways of helping them, for example, by fundraising, volunteering, or donating. We already found the way that fits us best and are happy to share our experience with you because doing good for others can be so rewarding.

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How To Plan And Schedule Your Issues in JIRA

How many times have you been thinking about a better way to visualize the project progress in JIRA? In case you start counting, we have good news for you! Craftware Sp. z o.o. offers an effective solution to human resources allocation. We are talking about Craftware Timeline for JIRA that helps you to:

  • View vital information on a chart (start and end dates, issue status, estimation);
  • Plan the task schedule of your team and schedule issues on a Gantt like chart;
  • Prevent estimation mistakes and cancel unwanted changes.

How to use this add-on? Point to Timeline on the JIRA menu and then click New Timeline.1screen craftware

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Four approaches to display galleries of pictures in Confluence

Atlassian Confluence has a lot of features for displaying different types of content on its pages, including images. If you need to add a picture to your page, you can do it in three different ways:

  • paste from your clipboard
  • insert it as a file
  • add a link from the web.

You can adjust the size of your picture (or select one of three pre-defined sizes) and apply some visual effects to highlight the image among the text paragraphs. But what if you need to write a blog post about cats with myriads of photos? Here you need some tool that will allow you to put images in some visual structure and make you page look more engaging.

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5 New Add-ons for Dev Tools at Atlassian Marketplace – First Quarter 2017


The spring is in blossom and new products are blossoming at Atlassian Marketplace. We’ve already shared our selection of top 5 new add-ons for Confluence and JIRA with you. Now let’s take a look at what’s new for Dev Tools (Bitbucket and Bamboo). We reviewed the add-ons that were launched at the Marketplace during January-March this year and chose 5 that we thought might be especially interesting and useful for our readers. Continue reading

Visit catWorkX Midsummer Day and Our Workshop!

catworkx midsummer day

The first European Atlassian Summit has passed. It was a fun time for all Marketplace vendors, Atlassian experts, solution partners, and, of course, for customers.

Some people may say that it was not as large as in the United States, but remember that it was just a first attempt to bring the Atlassian Summit to Europe. And we assume that it was a really joyful and encouraging experience for all participants.

If you are anticipating another Atlassian Summit in San Hose, we have another event for you to visit this summer.

catWorkX, the Atlassian Expert and Verified vendor, are organizing catWorkX Midsummer Day the fourth time in a row. The event will occur on 21st June, 2017 in Hamburg and will last for one day. During this event, you will get a chance to talk to other Atlassian Experts who come there, watch different presentations, visit workshops, or just discuss your experience with other participants.

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