How to Assess Performance of Support Teams in Jira Cloud

August 18, 2020
6 min

Every company does its best to deliver high-quality and robust support services to its customers. This lets every company establish reliable long-term relationships with customers and increase brand loyalty.

Jira Service Desk from Atlassian allows companies to set up an effective support portal and handle all sorts of support requests coming from customers.

For every business its vital to understand the quality of provided support services and continuously work on their improvement. For doing this, there are several ways how you can get insights on support effectiveness and collect feedback on what to improve from customers.

Satisfaction feedback

Jira Service Desk provides the native satisfaction feedback module which sends emails to customers once their tickets are closed. This module can be enabled within the project settings.

Every customer is prompted to leave feedback once the ticket is closed and add a comment about the support agent and provided services.

Then you can view the customer satisfaction report with all feedback and ratings which customers leave.

Using the default feedback module you can receive valuable information about your support agents and view the average rating over the recent periods. The only problem with it is that your customers may ignore it and leave no feedback at all.

Employee Performance Ratings

Unlike the standard Customer satisfaction module, the Employee Performance Ratings app provides a quick way to collect assessment ratings against the three metrics.

Once the ticket is closed, the customer can assess support quality, response speed, and efficiency of the support agent. The form appears inline in the ticket, so it increases the assessment rate if comparing to the customer satisfaction module.

Within the project, you can view the average ratings per support agent, as well as assessment details per each task. As a Customer Success Manager, you can track the overall progress of your support agents and see what you can improve.

The app allows you to export ratings to a CSV file and continue their further evaluation.

Charts and Reports for Jira ServiceDesk

This app lets you create a dashboard for tracking the progress on tickets within Service Desk projects. You can re-use widgets from the pre-defined list or create your own widgets (KPI, chart, or table) on the fly.

You can monitor the progress on tickets in real time and apply filters to compare different reporting periods. Management of the dashboard and widgets is simple and intuitive, so it will not take much time to design what you need.

If needed you can dive into details of each widget and see the raw reporting data. With this app, you can build a custom reporting solution and track the activity and performance of your support department.

Custom Charts for Jira – Reports

This app lets you design an eye-capturing dashboard and output the essential information about the performance of your support team in Jira Service Desk projects.

You can present information about tickets, customer satisfaction, workload per support agents on simple and easy-readable charts. There is a series of different chart types, so you can easily pick the one which better visualizes data and variate the data the way you need.

Configuration of widgets is pretty simple, so there should be no problems getting started with the app.

What’s next?

For assessment of the support services in Jira Service Desk, you may need to use multiple tools to get more insights on the overall status with tickets and individual performance of your support agents. First of all, identify what you want to measure and analyze and only then pick the right tool for doing this.

In the next blog post, we will review the tools to manage attachments and documents in Jira Cloud. Keep following on our blog updates.