JIRA Agile for your Bookkeeping, HR and Purchasing Departments

December 31, 2014
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Is  JIRA Agile only for IT professionals? Absolutely not.

Your accountants, human resources managers, procurement managers and other “not IT” people will adore you when you help them discover what JIRA Agile’s got for them. Their complicated tasks can become more simple, transparent and fun thanks to you.

To make it work you need to adjust both JIRA Agile and your thinking. The ideas I’ll share with you should help you do that by prompting you to your own insights on how to take this tool onto its next level within your company.

In StiltSoft we are being resourceful and creative; and are learning from each other. In this case, the posts of the “JIRA Agile for your Bookkeeping, HR and Purchasing Departments” series are based on the ideas our team lead Maksim Kuzmich shared with me.

Click Keeping Track of Company Cars to read the first post. I’ll be adding links to the ones that follow once they are out.


Posts in this series:

  1. Keeping Track of Company Cars (for accountants)
  2. Keeping Track of Job Applicants (for human resources managers)
  3. Planning with Time Frames: Now, Week, Month (for everyone)
  4. Keeping Track of Company Purchases (for procurement managers)