StiltSoft Celebrates 6 Years Old Birthday!

August 5, 2016
4 min

At the end of July, we at StiltSoft celebrated the 6th Company birthday. This is a very happy occasion for us, but it is much more essential for us to acknowledge that millions of people are using our products every day. And we hope that our products help you to achieve all your objectives and efficiently work in Atlassian tools.

StiltSoft was founded in 2010 to provide users of Atlassian products with handy and smart tools improving their everyday user experience.

Celebration of the birthday passed in the warm, friendly and family atmosphere. In the afternoon, we met together in the office and tasted delicious cakes. We also summed up all the achievements over these years and set new horizons for company development. After the encouraging and motivating speech of our CEO, Maksim Kuzmich, we packed our things and prepared for the 2-hour laser tag battle.

We arrived at the site of a sharp battle and the randomizer divided us between the two teams, and so the combat began. The first two rounds passed in the atmosphere of joy and happiness. Everyone was enjoying the game and did his best to bring down the colleagues as many times as possible 🙂 The next two rounds were difficult for one of the teams as they could not capture the flag under the pressure of the opposite team. And the last round was the closest to the real battle. There were no aid kits on the battlefield, so any careless action can lead to the ‘Game Over’ for each gamer. The 15-minute round was the last and the most difficult for all teams as everybody was tired. There was no chance for a mistake, but several people remained alive 🙂

After this we moved to the restaurant, where we had delicious food. While making a pause between meals, everyone had a chance to master the segway. After the quick training, we decided to organize an extemporary speed contest on segways. We created a simple track and everyone from the team was trying to pass it as quickly as possible. The joy and fun were following us during this competition. The senior software developer received the medal “The fastest segway racer”.

Of course, we couldn’t let the celebration go without an intellectual competition. This time we decided to choose Quizzes and test knowledge of Company’s history and Atlassian Ecosystem. After division into two teams, we started the game. All contestants felt engaged and encouraged while trying to solve the puzzles and find out the correct answer. Both teams were neck-and-neck, but the last stage set the record straight, and one team with the minimal two-point advantage won the game and got the medals.

This day became unforgettable for all of us. We managed to relax, discuss the results and future plans of the company, remembered the interesting and exciting moments over these years. We hope that next years will let us deliver new high-quality products for all Atlassian products and bring new and efficient user experience into them.