Atlassian Events 2019: StiltSoft’s Summer Tour

June 28, 2019
7 min

Atlassian events are about attending useful sessions, finding potential tools and solutions for Atlassian products and learning from each other. We love summer because it is always full of various interesting conferences organized by Atlassian Solution Partners. This year our team participated in four great events in a row:

These events provided us with a great opportunity to meet our customers and people who are interested in our products and tell them more about our solutions for Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket.

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence

The attendees of Jira Day, META-INF Atlassian Day and catworkx Midsummer Day had a chance to visit our workshop ‘Creating handy Jira dashboards and reports in Atlassian Confluence’. Natalie Paramonova, a product analyst at StiltSoft, showed how to create a flexible and dynamic Jira project dashboard with the help of the native Confluence tools. The participants discovered such capabilities of the Table Filter and Charts app as:

  • building Gantt chart
  • comparison of graphs of open and resolved tickets by types
  • sprint storypoints calculation
  • visualizing team worklogs and more

You can check our documentation site describing the use cases mentioned during this workshop.

Confluence dashboard

Smart Attachments for Jira and Smart Attachments for Confluence

Vadim Rutkevich, a product owner at StiltSoft, highlighted the basic approaches and comprehensive practices for managing documents in Jira and Confluence with Smart Attachments for Jira and Smart Attachments for Confluence at Jira Day, META-INF Atlassian Day.

He showed how our apps can simplify the retention of documents, their searchability, and further collaboration with the team on project documents and files both in Jira and Confluence. Check out his presentation ‘Document management in Jira and Confluence at scale’.

Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence

At the K15t Solution Forum, Katerina Kolina talked about using Confluence as a learning management system (LMS) with the help of Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence.

She showed the attendees how to use Confluence for onboarding new hires, certification, education, employee training, checking the level of skills, and evaluating how well people understand processes and know products they work with.

Check out her webinar ‘Organize learning and training in Confluence’.

Let’s recall the best moments of these four events (smile).

Jira Day

META-INF Atlassian Day

catworkx Midsummer Day

K15t Solution Forum

Atlassian events help us meet Atlassian vendors and users and develop long-term relationships with them. The more we attend Atlassian events, the more we enjoy them!

StiltSoft Atlassian Day 2018

November 23, 2018
7 min

Last year, almost 70 Belarusian users visited our first StiltSoft Atlassian Day to learn more about Atlassian and its products. Last Thursday, we were thrilled to host a group of enthusiastic and like-minded people for our second StiltSoft Atlassian Day. This time almost 100 people joined us in Minsk to discover the latest best-of-breed solutions Atlassian offers its users.

StiltSoft is the only certified Atlassian Solution Partner and Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor in Belarus. Our primary focus is app development. However, we also do our best to build solid relationships with Atlassian users in our country and create a community to help people share their experience and find solutions to their challenges. So our mission is to equip the attendees of our events with the skills and knowledge they need to be confident and effective users of Atlassian products. Of course, hosting a live event is a great way to do this and it so worth all the effort!

There’s nothing like the energy of people meeting face to face. So we wanted to break the ice at the start and help our attendees make great conversations and new connections during the first hour of our event. Everyone could join one of the three tables to chat with the members of our team: Atlassian Admins, Atlassian Users, Atlassian Power Users. The participants asked us questions, told their table members about how they work with Atlassian products and described the challenges they face at work.

This networking hour helped our attendees relax a bit, grab some pizza and have a chat about things that matter to them. It was also very helpful for us and we will definitely use the information we get from all the people to make our future events more useful highlighting the topics Belarusian users are interested in most.

Meanwhile, our product owners had a great opportunity to get feedback about our apps from people who have never used them before. We have chosen our best sellers Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket, Table Filter and Charts for Confluence, Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence, and, our brand new app, Smart Attachments for Confluence. It was a great experience for us because we had a chance to get some helpful insights and see our products through the eyes of other people.

We started our event with a short introduction of our company to show the attendees what has changed over the past year:

  • We became Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor
  • The StiltSoft team welcomed 6 new people
  • We released 4 brand new apps for Confluence
  • The most popular apps of ours are available for Data Center
  • More and more customers all over the globe trust StiltSoft
  • Now Belarusian users can share their knowledge in AUG Minsk

We also prepared three user-friendly presentations to show the participants how Atlassian products help other companies boost their productivity.

Gonchik Tsymzhitov, an Atlassian Administrator at Itiviti, showed us how their company synchronizes their documentation with Confluence installations of their clients using Bamboo and Bitbucket.

Maxim Kuzmich, a StiltSoft co-founder, demonstrated the attendees useful hacks and tricks that can help you create appealing and more digestible Confluence pages using native Confluence macros.

Vadim Mustyatsa, a Practitioner Agile Analyst & Architect at Alfa-Bank and a co-leader of AUG Minsk, was our last invited speaker. He talked about how their organization uses Atlassian products. Vadim showed us that every large company has its own way of implementing Atlassian products at an enterprise scale.

We got a lot of in-person feedback from the attendees who approached us after the event. Overall, the feedback we received was positive. Most people said they would come back when we announce our next conference. (smile)

Many thanks to all our speakers who prepared interesting topics and shared their thoughts with the audience and to all the people who attended the event! We also want to thank our team who encouraged the participants smile and feel comfortable during our StiltSoft Atlassian Day. It was great that everyone was on the same page that helped us create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

StiltSoft Atlassian Day is a fun and rewarding journey for our team and now we have a ton of ideas for the next event!

StiltSoft’s Eventful June: Two Atlassian Conferences in a Row

June 29, 2018
7 min

Our company is proud to be a part of Atlassian ecosystem and is always happy to participate in events organized by Atlassian Solution Partners.

Participation in Atlassian events usually provides us with a great opportunity to network and develop strong relationships that can’t be achieved through digital communication. We can share our knowledge and expertise around Atlassian products, discuss the challenges the attendees experience and find effective solutions together. So it is always a rewarding experience for everyone involved, from the organizers to the attendees.

This June we’ve participated in two events hosted by Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners: META-INF Atlassian Day in Budapest and catWorkX Midsummer Day in Hamburg.

META-INF Atlassian Day in Budapest

StiltSoft became a part of this energizing event for the second time in a row. This two-day conference is the largest Atlassian event in Hungary. META-INF is a team of avid Atlassian fans that are always full of creative ideas and are doing their best to improve META-INF Atlassian Day from year to year.

This time they invited seven Atlassian vendors from all over the world to Budapest.

The event started with a funny vendor contest called ‘Steal the Show’ to introduce us to the audience in a creative and engaging way so that they discovered more about each vendor.

We decided to tell a couple of fun facts about Belarus and brought some tasty treats for the attendees from Belarus: flat spicy potato chips, birch tree sap, berry marshmallow, and a 1-kg chocolate bar.

All vendors presented their apps on the main stage. Our business analyst Katerina Kolina showed the audience how our Awesome Graphs app can help you analyze the process of code development and review in Bitbucket.

The participants learned how graphs and reports help track activity, progress and visualize history of a project.

We also run a workshop to tell the participants more about employee training and customer education in Confluence with our Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence app. All the attendees learned how to build various training courses populating them with different questions. They had a chance to create, manage, and take courses right in Confluence.

We’ve met our customers and had a great chance to get their feedback about our products. We’ve also met a lot of new people who were interested in our solutions for Atlassian products. And, of course, we were super glad to meet all the vendors!

We want to thank the META-INF team for inviting us! It is always our pleasure to work with the people who love what they do and enjoy every moment of their work. We will definitely join META-INF Atlassian Day next year!

catWorkX Midsummer Day in Hamburg

The other event that we visited was catWorkX Midsummer Day in Hamburg on 21st June. This year 26 Atlassian Vendors joined catWorkX to share their knowledge and expertise with the visitors.

catWorkX organized this event for the fifth time and StiltSoft joined the CMSD for the second time. Last year we also enjoyed the atmosphere of this conference.

This time we’ve met a day before the event to share our best practices with the attendees. We’ve prepared a presentation about employee training and customer education with the help of our Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence. The participants worked in small groups to share their experience in customer education and training. We’ve also prepared a funny quiz about Belarus to showcase the attendees our app in practice.

Next day the booths of all vendors were busy with the CMSD attendees. We just had tons of life demos of our apps and spent all day talking to the visitors. Actually all vendors had a couple of breaks: the first one to introduce ourselves on the main stage and the second one – to have a 7-minute presentation about one of our apps. Our presentation was about powerful inline comments in Confluence you can create with the help of our Talk app.

This year CMSD gathered the record number of visitor and seems that next year the catWorkX team will prepare something special for their 20th birthday! We want to thank catWorkX for the invitation!



Upcoming Atlassian Events: We’d Love to Meet You!

May 4, 2018
6 min

Our company is always eager to participate in different events organized by Atlassian and Atlassian Solution Partners. We like the special atmosphere of these events because the participants can learn more about the latest trends in the Atlassian ecosystem, share their knowledge about the best practices, find solutions to their challenges, and just have fun together.

So take a look at the places where we will be glad to meet you this summer!

Budapest, Hungary: Meta-Inf Atlassian Day, June 6-7

Budapest is the first stop in our summer tour.

Meta-Inf Atlassian Day is the biggest Atlassian event organized in Hungary by Meta-Inf. Last year we also became a part of this great conference.
This June, the organizers want to showcase how Atlassian can help teams grow with the help of various case studies and success stories.

Our team together with Adaptivist, Comalatech, Deviniti, SoftwarePlant, and TEMPO will educate attendees through effective practice based on workshops and present the capabilities of our apps to the participants.

Our presentation on 7th June

Our business analyst Katerina Kolina will show the participants how our Awesome Graphs app helps analyze the process of code development and review in Bitbucket.

From this talk you will learn what insights the Awesome Graphs app can give you about your work in Bitbucket projects and repositories. You will see how graphs and reports can help you track activity, progress and visualize history of a project. You will also hear about ways to analyze individual performance of each developer and the whole team from different perspectives. And you will get tools for monitoring your code review process and finding weak spots in it.

Welcome to our workshop on 7th June

We will also run a workshop ‘Build training courses for employee and customer education in Confluence with Quizzes app’ at 14:15-15:30 on 7th June.

In this workshop you will learn how to use Confluence for creating education courses with the help of the Quizzes for Confluence app. You will briefly hear about the benefits of using training courses to upskill employees and educate customers on your products followed by a step-by-step guide on how to get started – create, manage and take courses in Confluence without using third party applications.

This will be helpful for those who would like to use Confluence for learning management.

So don’t hesitate, get a ticket and join us.

Hamburg, Germany: catworkx Midsummer Day, June 20-21

catWorkX, the Atlassian Expert and Verified vendor, are organizing catWorkX Midsummer Day the fifth time in a row. Last year we enjoyed the atmosphere of CMSD.

Welcome to the best practice session on 20th June

One day prior to the event, the catworkx team will organize the exclusive best practice sessions with app vendors from the Atlassian Ecosystem that we strongly recommend you to visit.

We will show the participants how to build training courses for employee and customer education in Confluence with the help of our Quizzes for Confluence app at 17:30–18:30 on 20th June.

Our presentation on 21th June

Our business analyst and product owner of the Talk – Advanced Inline Comments, Katerina Kolina, will show the attendees a handy way to facilitate interaction between all the team members in Confluence during her presentation ‘Powerful Inline Comments in Confluence with the Talk app’.

You have a great chance to meet more than 20 Atlassian vendors in one place!

Schedule a meeting with us!

Now you know where we will be this June. So come and talk to us. We will more than happy to meet you!

StiltSoft Participation in Jira Day 2018 in Warsaw

March 16, 2018
4 min

Jira Day became the first conference in our events calendar of 2018. Jira Day is the largest conference in Poland dedicated to exploring Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket). It is a great opportunity for Atlassian Partners from European countries come together and tell the attendees more about our solutions for Atlassian tools. Jira Day gathered around 300 participants this time.

StiltSoft together with Meta-Inf, DEISER, RefinedWiki, Riada, K15t Software, SoftwarePlant, celix Solutions, Tempo, Communardo, catworkx GmbH, eazyBI, and ALM Works became the part of Jira Day 2018 this week. So we’ve just came back from this two-day conference in a great mood and want to share our impressions with our readers.

Now Deviniti!

The announcement of the new name of InTENSO became one of the main news of the first day. Now the company is called Deviniti. This word is a combination of two words that describe the current vision of this Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner better than ever: development and infinity.

Devinity not only provides their customers with useful IT solutions but also helps their customers to succeed with the help of their products.

Being a part of Atlassian Community

All Atlassian Partners were interviewed by the Deviniti team. Nobody actually expected some tricky questions asked by Dzmitry from Deviniti. For example, do you remember your first Jira ticket? 🙂

While we were thinking about how Atlassian products changed the world, the attendees met the brightest representatives of the Polish IT community who shared their expertise on the main stage and showed how Atlassian products help them in their work.

Also during the first day we had a great chance to meet our current customers and talk to all the participants who came to our stand. We were so glad to meet new people and tell them about the advantages of our apps.

At the end of the first day all the participants went to a cool networking party that took place in The View bar. It was a nice place where everybody could relax, chat a bit, and have some fun.

Workshops from Atlassian Partners

The second day was a day of workshops. All Atlassian Partners shared their best practices of using Jira and Confluence and presented some real-life use cases.

Vadim Rutkevich, a business analyst at StiltSoft, ran a workshop on project management and analysis in Atlassian Confluence. We had a full house and once again want to thank all of the participants for coming and being so active during the workshop.

We wanted the attendees to find the best way to manage their project-related data in Confluence. Everyone had a chance to see how our Table Filter and Charts app can solve the suggested challenges in real time.

We want to thank the Deviniti team for a wonderful conference – it was really great and so well organized.

We really enjoyed the time spent with the participants and our colleagues!

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Calendar of Atlassian Events 2018

January 11, 2018
12 min

Whether you want to enrich your work experience, find inspiration for creative new ideas, or stay on top of the latest best practices, you will definitely find something for you at each of the events Atlassian and Atlassian Partners have prepared for you in 2018.

To help you get organized, we’ve made a list of the major conferences that will take place this year. We will update this list with more information and further fixtures as they are confirmed.

While we chose to list mostly larger events, you can also find smaller meetups available near you. You just need to check Atlassian User Groups that offer interesting group meetings in your city.

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the upcoming events.

Atlassian Team Tour 2018

The beginning of this year is going to be great because Atlassian is coming to your city. Atlassian announced the first-ever world tour of Atlassian team.

Atlassian has huge ambitions to unleash the potential of every team that uses their products. This year Atlassian avid fans all over the world have a chance to get the latest product updates and learn at first-hand how Atlassian tools boost team productivity.

The content of the tour consists of two main topics: Team Tools & Practices and Future of Teamwork. This will help to diversify the program and tell more to the participants.

Team Tools & Practices in Europe:

Team Tools & Practices in USA:

Future of Teamwork:

You can share your experience with the leading Atlassian experts, find solutions to the existing challenges together with the attendees, and get insights on scaling Atlassian products and agile practices.

We hope that participation in any of these meetups will help you grow personally and professionally. [/showhide]

2018 Top Events Preview

At StiltSoft, we like to be in the center of the action when it comes to Atlassian events. We decided to do the legwork for you and made a list of what we think are the most interesting events organized by Atlassian Partners in 2018.

Jira & Confluence Solutions Day 2018
Vienna, January 24

celix Solutions is a certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner located in Austria. They provide consulting and useful solutions for their customers.

Due to the great success of Jira and Confluence Solutions Day in 2017, celix Solutions expanded their capacities this year and invited even more Austrian companies that will share their Atlassian experience with the attendees.

Moreover, the guests of this event will meet the leading Atlassian vendors: Riada, InTENSO, ALM Works, and eazyBI. [/showhide]

Jira Day 2018
Warsaw, March 14-15

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, InTENSO provides a wide range of services for more than five million people from 64 countries all over the world.

Jira Day is focused on Atlassian products and apps and will gather around 250-300 participants. StiltSoft together with Meta-Inf, DEISER, RefinedWiki, Riada, SoftwarePlant, celix Solutions, Tempo, K15t Software, Communardo, catworkx GmbH, eazyBI, and ALM Works will become the part of Jira Day 2018.

Don’t miss your chance to discover the innovative capabilities of Atlassian products and take the opportunity to share your experience and network with other Atlassian users. [/showhide]

Valiantys Enterprise Day
London, May 14-15

Valiantys is another Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that combines its expertise in software development with consulting and training services around Atlassian solutions.

Valiantys Enterprise Day gives participants a chance to chat with the British Atlassian community, Valiantys’ customers and consultants, and the Atlassian team.

Participants can share best practices for delivering new growth opportunities in a challenging software environment. As usual, the latest development trends are on the agenda. Throughout two days, there will be new product demos with real-life use cases, as well as demos of useful apps. [/showhide]

eazyBI Community Days 2018
Riga, May 24-25

The eazyBI app is available at the Marketplace, it helps you to create custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets.

eazyBI Community Days 2018 is the second eazyBI user conference. Last year participants from 14 different countries took part in eazyBI Community Days.

You can attend this event in case you are just starting out or already familiar with eazyBI. The speakers will share their experience and showcase their best ideas and unique approach in using this app. [/showhide]

Meta-INF Atlassian Day 2018

Budapest, June 6-7

Meta-INF is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner located in Budapest. They started their journey with Atlassian tools back in 2002.

Meta-Inf Atlassian Day is the biggest Atlassian event organized in Hungary. Last year we became a part of this great conference.
This year, organizers want to showcase how Atlassian can help teams grow with the help of case studies and success stories.

Our team together with Adaptivist, Comalatech, Deviniti, SoftwarePlant, and TEMPO will educate attendees through effective practice based on workshops and present the value of our apps to the participants. [/showhide]

catWorkX Midsummer Day
Hamburg, June 21

catWorkX GmbH is Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that helps their customers optimize team performance.

This company is organizing catWorkX Midsummer Day for the fifth time in a row.

Last year we participated in this event in Hamburg and really enjoyed the atmosphere. The attendees visited sessions with vendors where everyone was able to choose the workshops they were interested in most. We also ran a workshop on data analysis in Atlassian Confluence showing in practice the most interesting features of the Table Filter and Charts app. [/showhide]

DEISER Enterprise Day 2018
Madrid, November 14-15

DEISER is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner located in Spain, they’ve been developing JIRA apps since 2007.

DEISER Enterprise Day is intended to provide the inspiration, knowledge, and connections everyone needs to succeed in the implementation and use of any Atlassian tool within organizations.

During this event, the leading Atlassian experts and well-known companies will share their experience and give useful tips on how to bring your company to the new level with the help of Atlassian products.

Atlassian Summit 2018

Atlassian Summit is all about speaking, listening, and getting inspiration from the experts in different industries. What can be better than getting precious knowledge first-hand? We think that nothing.

This year Atlassian organizes only European Summit in Barcelona that will take place on 4-6 September. So don`t wait and grab the opportunity to be in the heart of the Atlassian community!

You will learn how to get the most out of your business by using Atlassian products and choosing the right strategy.

For us at StiltSoft, Atlassian Summit is a great place to find partners, clients, and get feedbacks about our apps. Atlassian Summit also makes it possible to come together and talk about shared challenges, so we are looking forward to getting inspired at this exciting event.

Have a productive year!

Now when you know about the upcoming Atlassian events, take a moment and choose the ones you like most. We think that attending as many Atlassian events in 2018 as possible can be a great New Year’s resolution.

See something missing from this list? Post a comment and tell us about your favorite event and why you think others should know about it.

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