Structure and Secure Jira Attachments

November 29, 2022
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Jira offers a variety of functions for project management and workflow automation. For this reason, companies love using it in various industries. With all benefits Jira brings to us, working with Jira attachments turns out to be troublesome.

You expect to get a well-organized system of Jira attachments that are easy to find and organize. Instead, you can end up browsing through your Jira issues looking for an attachment you need or repeating the routine actions with your files.

In this article, we’ll cover how to manage attachments efficiently and keep sensitive documents safe in Jira Data Center with the help of Smart Attachments for Jira.

Let’s look at the use case of a bank that keeps its daily work in Jira. The bank uses Jira to track daily employee activities, cooperate with customers, and develop new projects and initiatives. Their Jira issues undergo various multi-step workflows. At each step of any workflow, users add files and documents. So, you can imagine that the attachment section soon becomes a pile of files. Additionally, the documents can have several revisions and different levels of security.

Key points in Jira attachment management

Effective attachment structure and search

Browsing through the list of attachments can be time-consuming. Bank employees actively use Jira as a single resource for their projects. They avoid switching between different services and keep their attachments directly in Jira. In this case , looking for a specific attachment in the long list under each issue becomes tedious.

Revision control

Each stage of the bank workflow underlines the high feasibility of document edits. Multiple users work on the same document, and they need to be sure that they locate the latest document revision. This becomes difficult with several files with the same name and requires additional effort and attention.

Locking the documents against changes

After the multi-step validation process, bank files must stay protected against changes so that users don’t change anything by mistake. At the same time, edits of some documents should remain possible for a certain group of Jira users.

Validation of attachments 

Many bank activities require specific files to be present before the issue is created or transitioned. If the files are missing, the project process fails or delays.

Restricted visibility for sensitive documents.

Some attachments in Jira issues contain customer data or other sensitive information. They are visible for certain bank employees but must remain unavailable for others.

Use case solution

Minding the attachment management requirements stated above, the bank team implemented their Jira documentation workflow with the Smart Attachments for Jira app. This app has rich functionality and an intuitive interface for inexperienced users.

This app streamlines document management by enabling the creation of custom categories for organizing documents within issues. You can structure attachments according to your needs into separate categories. It also simplifies the editing process by allowing users to comment on files and create separate document revisions. Available workflow automation allows using Jira conditions, validators, and post-functions to validate file uploads and automate routine functions.

Using the Smart Attachments app, the bank creates a multi-step project workflow. A series of document categories correlate with the processes of the bank departments and allow users to keep their attachments structured. Now their Jira files are divided into document types. Users can bulk upload, update, and delete their attachments. They locate the required documents faster.

bulk operations with jira attachments

Not all projects and issue types require the same categories. With Smart Attachments, the bank defines specific categories based on the issue type and workflow stage. So, the attachment section looks concise, having only the requirements for a particular issue type and development stage categories.

Jira attachments category

The app also allows Jira administrators to apply access restrictions for specific users, groups, and roles. The team can keep private documents secure and visible only to certain employees.

access restriction to jira files

To automate routine operations, the bank can add workflow automation using validators and post-functions. For example, if required, whenever an issue is created, the app validates the presence of required files. Otherwise, the issue cannot be created. At other steps, the app validates the availability of bank files with specific file names. Post-functions allow bank employees to send attachments to their clients without leaving Jira.

jira post-functions and validators for attachments

As a result of using the Smart Attachments for Jira app, the bank has created the attachment management system in Jira.

With this app, you can keep your attachments safe and organized. You can now try the same for your Jira instance by starting with Smart Attachments on the Atlassian Marketplace. The first month is free for you to evaluate the app.

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Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud Released!

March 19, 2020
3 min

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce the long-expected release of Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud.

Categorization of attachments is now available on Jira Cloud too. We did our best to deliver the relatively new experience to manage and categorize attachments. The Cloud app differs greatly from the Server app, but we tried to maintain its handy approach to categorize attachments in Jira issues, and we hope we succeeded in this (smile)

The Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud app works with labels that you can use to tag your documents and attachments. The best thing about this is that are no longer limited by the set of pre-defined categories, now you can add labels on the fly and have different labels in issues of the same Jira project.

Due to some technical limitations of the Cloud platform, the app cannot work with the native Attachments section. But this is not a problem, you can quickly access the labeled attachments from the sidebar.

The app lets you instantly filter documents and assets against one or multiple labels. This can be done by selecting the appropriate label from the list or clicking a specific label below each attachment name.

To preserve the “good old style of categories”, we introduced the grouping of attachments by labels. So, practically, you can have the same categories within Jira issues and you can locate your files in the appropriate category at once.

We are expecting to receive feedback from you. Both positive and negative feedback will be greatly appreciated, so don’t wait and start a free trial of Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud right now.

Running Document Management in Jira Like a Pro

January 28, 2020
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The digital era has digested, transformed, and automated the majority of routine processes we got used to. More and more companies are choosing digital products to run their projects and initiatives.

One of the most popular platforms for managing projects and tasks is Atlassian Jira. Documentation is an essential component of the project development life cycle, and the way it is organized is very critical for normal company operation and project success.

A lot of companies prefer integrating their document management processes into Jira, so project teams can always access the documents they need without leaving the context. Unfortunately, being powerful in project management, Jira itself does not provide sufficient capabilities to run the document management processes and neatly organize documents.

The Smart Attachments for Jira app is the tool that can reshape and facilitate your document management workflow in Jira with much ease and convenience.

Categorize documents and attachments as needed

Jira does not provide any separate interface to store and manage attachments. Users just upload them to Jira issues and update these files upon need within issues. The situation gets out of control when ten or more attachments appear in a single issue. This complicates the finding of the required document in a few seconds.

The Smart Attachments app brings categories into Jira issues. Now you can quickly place your documents into the relevant category and find them there after some time. With the configured access restrictions you can keep confidential files hidden from other users right within Jira issues.

It is no longer a problem to upload a file to the necessary category on any form or in any section of Jira. The automatic distribution rules accelerate the bulk upload of attachments to categories with their further sorting.

Design the structure to store attachments

Storing attachments in hundreds of issues can become a real challenge once you need to find a specific document requested by your stakeholders. You may waste hours searching for a specific file among thousands of other files.

The centralized project storage addresses this problem and provides a single point for storing attachments like on your local drive. You can quickly upload all the frequently used or approved documents and assets to the project storage and your teammates can access them at any time. Design the storage structure for your need and upload even folders with attachments with the automatic folder recreation.

Organize revisions under the parent document

While working on project documents and media assets, you can sequentially produce multiple revisions. Several rounds of reviews and updates can lead to a problem with identifying the last version of the document which was already approved by the customer.

Keep your document revisions in a tree-like view and always find the latest revision in a blink of an eye. The app maps files by their names to the parent document, otherwise, you can attach the document revisions manually.

Execute bulk operations on documents and files

Removal of multiple attachments from a Jira issue can be a pain, but what if you have mistakenly uploaded hundreds of files. With the Smart Attachments app, you just need to select the required files or the entire category and choose the bulk operation. That’s done!

A variety of bulk operations allows you to delete, move, email, archive, or download multiple files in a Jira issue.

Automate file validation and routine operations

The human factor is a key to making mistakes in Jira. If you need to validate availability of documents in a specific category, the supplied workflow validators can simplify this procedure during issue transitions. You can check up files against their file names, the number of files in the specific category, or uploaders.

With the post-functions, you can perform routine operations on documents and files when closing issues, requesting approval from stakeholders, or requesting missing files from external suppliers.

Scale the document management in Jira

Document management in Jira can be efficient and easy-to-run. Just try a 30-day free trial of the Smart Attachments app and redefine your document management processes with the supplied features and automations.

Smart Attachments 2.4.0: Project Storage for Your Documents

September 19, 2019
2 min

We are happy to announce release for our document management solution – Smart Attachments 2.4.0 for Jira.

This version introduces the file storage for convenient collection of project documents within the project itself. Now if some files do not directly relate to any of the issues, you can upload them to the project storage where everyone can instantly access them.

You can adjust the structure of the project storage for convenient retention of project requirements, policies, guides, and other documents.

Navigate among folders of the project and locate the document you are looking for in a second. Perform all the essential operations on documents and folders with ease.

If you plan to migrate from some existing Cloud storage, you just need to drop folders with documents into the project storage and the app will re-create the entire structure from scratch. You will not need to manually add folders one by one, let the app do this work instead of you. Spend this time on anything else (smile)

We would greatly appreciate to receive any feedback and requests on this functionality.

Manage Attachments Like a Pro in JIRA

February 28, 2017
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Atlassian develops one of the most popular project management platforms in the world – JIRA. Millions of users take advantage of its capabilities when managing software products, running all kinds of marketing, operations, legal processes, or handling support or service requests through a virtual desk.

Flexible configuration, adjustable platform scalability, customizable interface, multi-tier permission schemes, and other things make this platform tailored to the actual needs of the majority of users.

But like all enterprise systems it also has some flaws. One of the most noticeable problems is a trivial mechanism of managing attachments. This affects most business and development processes as all of them are accompanied by creation of additional artifacts that are usually stored within the issues. And a great number of these files creates additional problems with looking up for the necessary attachment and preserving the order among a bulk of files.

No panic! There is a solution that allows you to cope with this problem and get an efficient tool for managing attachments in JIRA. And Smart Attachments add-on is the right solution for this!

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