How to Create Education Courses Right in Confluence

June 14, 2021
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In this blog post, you will discover how to create training courses in a jiffy using the izi – LMS for Confluence app, extending your favorite team collaboration platform to create training courses in Confluence.

Employee training helps you provide your new hires with a clear path to the goals you want them to achieve, improve the skill level and competency of your employees, and support them in advancing their careers. Regardless of the industry, effective onboarding and training processes are vital to remain successful in today’s market.

Moreover, learners can take courses in Confluence at their own pace from the comfort of their own desk using the UI they are familiar with. Just think of the time and effort course administrators and participants would spend to understand the basics of how to handle a third-party Learning Management System (LMS).

Build training courses with rich content

Today people have higher expectations of employee training programs. That is why they want learning materials that are easily accessible, up-to-date, and engaging.

If you are already using Confluence, you know that this powerful wiki software helps you create easy-to-access rich content pages. And with the help of izi – LMS for Confluence this team collaboration tool becomes a platform where you can create and store any content to train or educate your team members or participants who are not Confluence users.

create courses in Atlassian Confluence

To get the best results from your employee training, you need to engage your employees and make them want to learn more. Having LMS in Confluence, you can enrich your courses with YouTube videos, images, PDF files, and more to keep it interesting and hold everybody’s attention.

engaging content in Atlassian Confluence

Let employees learn at their own pace

Unlike traditional learning with a teacher or instructor, with the izi – LMS for Confluence app your employees can learn at their own pace taking their time to thoroughly study all the materials before they jump to the next module.

You can break the program of your course down into smaller pieces with no need to produce huge modules. And this way, your staff will have a chance to recall the required information.

training material in Atlassian Confluence

The best thing is that you can use the existing Confluence pages and quizzes to create training modules for your courses. This app makes creating new courses and making use of old training material a simple and smooth process.

reuse Confluence pages and quizzes for employee training

The izi LMS app allows you to customize your training content based on learner needs.

Your employees see an education course as a series of modules with training materials and quizzes. A course administrator can check participants’ progress to see the completed modules and find the ones where employees got stuck.

training modules from employee training

Try it for free

The more skills your employees have, the more efficient the workforce becomes, getting more things done for your business. So to say, a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

Improve your employee training with the help of izi – LMS for Confluence. Try this app for free and check how it can work for your training courses, and more!

This app is available for Confluence Cloud, Data Center, and Server.

Read more about how your team can benefit from using LMS for Confluence:



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If You Use Confluence, Your New LMS Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight

March 25, 2021
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A learning management system (LMS) can be a roadblock or a fast track to staff training, knowledge transfer and compliance, depending on the way it is used.

There are plenty of forks in the road even before you select a system from the 800-plus options available, and that number continues to grow. You might choose a generic LMS or one niched for particular industries, channels, prospect use cases, budgets, and more. Then, you’ll need to assign your team and roles to project manage data migration from your legacy system (if that’s possible) and integrate the new LMS with how your company works. It could take a year to get to the implementation stage if you’re hosting the system on your premises or less for a hosted or cloud-based system.

Are you getting a sense of one of the critical issues of adopting a new LMS?

Time is the real cost of an LMS

When your new LMS is live, think of the time wasted to get staff up to speed with the new interface before they’ve even started the real training. Some of your workers may even dig in their heels, saying they haven’t had a chance to get around it.

That could be because they’ve actually run out of time, and they may not be lying.

More than 1,100 times a day, the average employee switches between 35 job-critical applications, a Pegasystems Inc report has found. It surveyed 35 global companies across 11 industries. Staff using more than 30 applications each shift made 28% more errors than their peers who used fewer apps. The report says expanding this over the years sees days of lost time and much highly error-prone activity. In other words, if your staff switch systems less, they’ll make fewer errors and will be more productive.

work in Confluence without switching

It adds up.

Over a year, employees’ idle time costs companies more than $100 billion a year just in the US, according to Harvard University researchers. Too much idle time means staff aren’t being productive and are at risk of becoming disengaged and demoralized with their work.

Of course, the other costs of adopting an LMS include support, maintenance, creating content, and managing learning. Most vendors offer a per-user, per-month pricing model, and the price goes up if you opt for extra features.

LMS for Confluence that comes to where your staff operate

If you’re already using enterprise collaboration software such as Atlassian Confluence, your staff are no doubt comfortable whether they’re working face-to-face or remotely.

So, why not bring your new LMS to Confluence, so they don’t have to learn a new system? After all, if they’re learning new content within Confluence, chances are they’ll already be switched on to collaborate.

LMS for Confluence

Studies show if you interact with others, ask questions and use what you’ve learned, you’ll remember 69% of the content in two days. That compares with just 28% if you learned solo.

Nesting your learning portal within Confluence helps make your staff more efficient. An Association for Intelligent Information Management study found more than eight in 10 businesses said they wasted too much time searching for and recreating knowledge. In fact, US businesses waste three-quarters of a trillion dollars searching for content that already exists.

Having your LMS sitting within Confluence means staff won’t have to switch to a separate system for learning, and you’ll save time on system integration. You’ll be able to keep tabs on certifications for your organization for legal compliance, too.

Confluence as your LMS makes sense.

There is an app that’s a Confluence learning management system, set up and ready to go for:

  • Pre-recruitment testing
  • Employee onboarding
  • E-learning
  • Creating quizzes from scratch
  • Developing courses
  • Checking product knowledge
  • Training and
  • Testing as well as certifications.

It’s a Confluence app called izi – LMS for Confluence – it lets staff easily move from working on tasks to training and back without leaving Confluence. It’s just had a name change from Courses and Quizzes – LMS for Confluence, by the way.

izi - LMS for Confluence

The back story

Since going live in October 2015, this Confluence LMS has been harnessed by teams across the globe for staff training and more within Confluence. It’s particularly popular in the US, Germany, the UK, India, and the Russian Federation, according to Crunchbase. Most users are tech companies, but it’s also gaining traction in pharmaceutical, automotive, banking, insurance, and medical spheres.

The multi-award-winning company behind izi – LMS for Confluence is Stiltsoft, which started operating in 2010. It offers 20-plus apps for Atlassian tools, including the popular Table Filter and Charts, also available from the Atlassian Marketplace. Stiltsoft has more than 7,000 customers in 80-plus countries. They include Netflix, Allianz, Symantec, Logitech, Tesla, Samsung, Dell, Mercedes-Benz, AT@T, and Walmart.

Stiltsoft customers

Stiltsoft has won Codegeist awards for best apps and, in 2021, was named an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner. It’s also active in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program.

How this Confluence LMS works for enterprises

Here’s what’s on offer with this Atlassian Confluence app.

For Confluence users, the interface of this LMS is already familiar. Simply enroll using Confluence users and groups that are already set up in Confluence. That means there’s no need to handle user management in this LMS.

Once the app is on your Confluence dashboard, get started by choosing either the introduction to:

Each section steps you through with lots of screenshots to help visualize the process. Add text, images, rich text, presentations, links, or videos to bring your content to life. You’ll have professionally designed blank templates as your canvass to begin creating.

For example, when you build a course, you can create, add and organize modules, and enroll users or groups, even anonymous users, too. Once they begin, participants can use the My courses tab to see the learning portal to check which courses they’re enrolled in and track their progress.

Learning portal in Atlassian Confluence

As a creator, you’ll access a dashboard to create new courses and quizzes, as well as find those you’ve set up before. Creators can also be participants in courses others have built or even you’ve built yourself. Importantly, you’ll be able to check on who’s completed which course and who may need a nudge to keep learning.

tracking course progress in Confluence

One feature of izi – LMS for Confluence is the ability to create a quiz from anywhere in Confluence – just using the plus sign in the sidebar and selecting the Quiz blueprint. If you can’t find a feature you’d like, you can request it as well as share your feedback via a survey or an interview.

So, whichever way you look at it through the kaleidoscope of time, choosing an LMS is a major move for any business. You could be just a few clicks away from moving e-learning to the next level for your staff.

Try LMS for Confluence free

You’ll find izi – LMS for Confluence in the Atlassian marketplace. izi is easy to download and try for free for 30 days, plus you can book a 30-minute demo to help you on your way to more seamless e-learning Confluence-style in your business.

How to Track Progress Over Training Courses in Confluence

April 7, 2020
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6 min

Here, in izi LMS team, we’re doing our best to create features our customers need the most when it comes to training courses in Confluence. Today we are pleased to present a new report in izi – LMS for Confluence that will be extremely valuable in the analysis of your organization’s learning process.

With Course Results Report, you’re able to generate reports based on courses you have in Confluence. It’s a macro that you can insert into any page and get a report for all or several courses, participants, and their progress. Course Results Report saves you time you could spend collecting data from each course individually.

View all courses’ results in one place

Earlier, an administrator could get a report for each separate course only. Now you can keep reports about all the courses on one page. To get a global report about all courses, all you have to do is to insert the Course Result Report macro to the page. As a result, you have a table that includes information about all courses and employees that were enrolled in them.

This report can save you time in several cases. For instance, when your Learning & Development team wants to track all courses and their participants in one place. Or when your management needs a global report on all courses taken by employees this year.

report on training courses in Confluence

Enjoy a flexible report configuration

With the help of the macro, you can include only those courses and participants you need for your report. A report can be based on a user group and their courses. Also, you can create a report for one single participant and include all or several courses passed by this person. It is convenient, especially if your supervisor wants to know how learning goes for each of the employees in their team.

LMS in Confluence

Share course results with your colleagues

A ready-made report can be shared just like any other Confluence content. Imagine how handy it can be when you need to share particular course results with a supervisor or team lead.

share report on employee training

Refine your training courses in Confluence

Moreover, you can power up your reports with the help of the Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app. In a bundle with izi – LMS for Confluence this app takes your course analytics to a new level.

You can easily filter report results when you need to find all the participants who only started the course. It comes in handy when you have a lot of course participants. You can also use reports to build insightful graphs to rapidly get an overview of your colleagues’ progress.

track course progress in Confluence

Track effectivity of learning with Top LMS app for Confluence

Try the new version of izi LMS to have a better understanding of the learning process in your organization. Course reports can help you enhance your education program and check course results on the fly.

Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’ We can do nothing then agree because well-educated employees are a key to a prosperous and successful company. Create more educational material for your employees – izi – LMS for Confluence is there to help you.

Create Courses to Organize Training in Confluence Cloud

September 12, 2019
#Confluence#Learning Management
4 min

It’s a pleasure to announce that we released a new Cloud version of izi LMS app that allows you to create courses in Confluence Cloud. Using pages that you already have in your spaces, creating new educational content and seasoning all that with tests (quizzes), you can build courses for onboarding, employee and customer education, and any other kind of learning.

Now your team can use Confluence as an LMS (the same platform that they use every day) with no need to switch to an external learning management system. It saves time, seamlessly integrates education into daily tasks, lets you make use of the artifacts and assets that are stored on Confluence pages.

Create, enroll, track completion – all in a few clicks

Creating a new course is as simple as adding a page in a space. You just give it a name and find yourself on a course administration page. Sections and modules help you structure your content and divide it into pieces.

You can assign a course by enrolling participants. Just type their emails and the app will send them invites with unique course links. You can even engage anonymous participants. This means it is possible to enroll customers and partners, who have no account in your Confluence.

Course reports show you the progress of each person and how much time it took for them to complete a course.

Easy to follow and resume

While taking a course, participants browse one module at a time and see what’s to come on a sidebar. They can leave and pause their study at any time. When a participant gets back, he or she is taken to the same place where they left off. Enrollees can return to the previous modules and revise what they learned during the past days and weeks.

Try creating courses in Confluence

Learning and development can be organized right in Confluence with the help of izi LMS app. Using your collaboration system for managing courses for new hires, employees and clients will let you save resources (no need to purchase an LMS and learn how to use it), avoid switching between applications and have learning content inside your knowledge base.

Try building courses – it’s free for 30 days.

How to Set Up Product Knowledge Training in Confluence

August 13, 2019
#Confluence#Learning Management
9 min

Salespeople must be fluent when it comes to the products they sell. Customers tend to purchase products and services from companies whose representatives can confidently speak about what they offer. If a company doesn’t pay attention to team product knowledge training, it may result in loss of customers and reputation.

Product knowledge training can help organizations boost the overall performance of their sales team. However, creating successful knowledge training is a challenging task. It is essential to provide your team with the tools they need to successfully sell the full suite of services.

Use Confluence for product knowledge training

It is always a good idea to use solutions your team is already familiar with not to make the training process too tedious and work-consuming.

Just imagine that you need to pull employees from their daily responsibilities to teach them how to use a new learning management system (LMS).

If your team is already using Confluence for team collaboration, you will enjoy a smooth process of teaching your sales professionals with the help of izi – LMS for Confluence. This app helps teams worldwide create courses right in Confluence and deliver top-notch online training.

Provide training in bite-sized modules

To ensure that your sales team retains product knowledge, you can break down the course content into manageable chunks. You can divide all the information about the product into modules building sales knowledge logically. This way, your salespeople can consume easy-to-digest information that fits in their normal workflow.

When it comes to product knowledge training, you can provide course participants with the product overview, your value proposition, the competition, and how you win.

product knowledge training in Confluence

Since the modules are brief, the information is more likely to be retained and applied. For instance, you can familiarize your sales team with client needs, improve objection handling, and motivate them with the most exciting success stories.

Engage sales team through diverse training content

To educate employees on your goods, you can create product videos that explain and visually exhibit product benefits. Demonstrate how customers solve their problems with the help of your product.

add videos to training courses

Moreover, you can add engaging quizzes to the course to help course participants capture information on the fly.

add quizzes to training courses in Confluence

Videos, tutorials, and quizzes will encourage your team to learn more about your product. Above all, a perfectly designed interactive training course can act as a catalyst in improving sales success.

Build an easy-to-use knowledge base

To quench the thirst for knowledge of your employees, you can create multiple courses on various topics. However, when it comes to organizing training content, you need to efficiently structure all existing courses. In this case, you will help your users find what they are looking for without getting sidetracked. 

izi – LMS for Confluence adds the Learning tab to the header menu of Confluence, helping users swiftly enter the knowledge base.

learning portal in Confluence

In other words, everyone can use the Learning catalog when they need a refresher or want to continue with their courses.

Collaborate on training materials with your team

Confluence allows people to collaborate on content. This also applies to courses because course administrators can easily discuss the structure or materials they want to include.

collaborate on training content in Confluence

They can point out if the course lacks some content and discuss the outdated content right in the comments of a course administration page.

Track progress to understand if training works

It is essential to make sure that course participants have digested the material and arranged it. Course administrators can track the progress of all the people involved in the course.

track course completion

Checking the results, they can offer additional training to the people who have some pitfalls during education. Finally, course administrators can export course reports on the fly.

export course progress report from Confluence

Create fluent product knowledge training

Product knowledge is one of the sales skills crucial if you want to improve sales performance. It’s important to make sure that your sales professionals can convert prospects into customers and provide them with impeccable client service.

Salespeople are snowed under with endless documentation, product spec sheets, brochures, YouTube videos, and more. So it is essential to provide them with the information they need. And here comes well-structured product knowledge training.

Try izi – LMS for Confluence free and create your first course to provide your team with consistent sales training.

You can check the sample training courses and try them either as a participant or as an administrator. You can also use our demo site to try out this app and discover its features with no need to install it.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog post or you can just drop an e-mail at


Easy Steps to Amplify Employee Training in Atlassian Confluence

June 13, 2019
#Learning Management#Document management#How To#Confluence
11 min

Luckily, employee training is no longer limited to classroom learning with cluttered PowerPoint slides and handouts with endless paragraphs of text. Nowadays, when training content is more accessible than ever before, both employers and employees have higher expectations of employee education. Companies are looking for solutions that can help their teams learn and retain information effectively and remotely. Trainees are looking for well-structured courses with interactive and engaging content they can access in one place.

We will show you how companies that focus their attention on continuous employee training can benefit from using Confluence along with izi – LMS for Confluence and Smart Attachments. A bundle of these solutions powers up Confluence helping its users create effective training courses and manage learning or educational materials with ease.

Below are some steps that can help any organization provide its employees with education courses tailored to their needs.

Step 1: Populating space storage with training content

Document management is of the utmost importance when it comes to retaining training materials. Course administrators need to work with multiple files and documents to create engaging training content and deliver clear messages on a given topic to each worker.

With the help of the Smart Attachments for Confluence app, course administrators can benefit from using a centralized file storage in every Confluence space aggregating the informational modules for courses. This solution helps them instantly create a clear hierarchy of educational resources adding separate folders for different courses, topics, or learning modules. They can rapidly re-use these materials in any training course or on Confluence pages.

training content in Confluence

Course administrators can keep their files in Confluence with no need to use any other file-sharing services. They can also edit files right in Confluence with the help of the Atlassian Companion app keeping the entire history of document changes in the space storage.

For more tips on how to better work with files and documents in Confluence, check our blog post on document management.

Step 2: Creating a new training course

izi – LMS for Confluence allows course administrators to create new courses from scratch. They can divide the program of the course into multiple topics and populate them with the required learning modules and quizzes. They can also reuse existing materials, quizzes, and tests from other training courses or add any Confluence page that contains important information to the course.

To facilitate the interaction between the course modules and the learner, the administrator creates engaging content. Having an LMS in Confluence, they can easily combine text with YouTube videos, images, PDF files, and more.

training course in Confluence

They can add more modules and sections, swiftly reorganize or rename them, or delete the ones they don’t need.

employee training in Confluence

The next step is to create even more effective training materials and add more useful information for self-study.

Step 3: Embedding additional training content into course modules

Adult learners are self-directed and goal-oriented. This means that any course creator needs to focus on what’s important for the employees and be short and concise so that the learners can quickly refer to and recall the information. So it can be useful to put the employees in control of the learning process and provide them with additional resources they may need to dive deeper into the topic.

The Smart Attachments for Confluence app helps course administrators avoid endless texts and embed files and folders into the course modules right from the space storage. This way students can access this information in one module and easily navigate through directories with materials finding resources to enrich their knowledge.

embed files and folders in Confluence

When the course is ready, a learning administrator needs to share it with the employees.

Step 4: Enrolling participants

Even the employees without a Confluence account can take advantage of the training course created with the help of izi – LMS for Confluence. Course administrators can effortlessly add Confluence users and emails of their colleagues to the list of course participants.

enroll course participants

Moreover, they can add the course to the Learning catalog (available in the Confluence header menu). This means that all Confluence users can find this course in the Learning section and easily self-enroll.

learning catalog in Confluence

Step 5: Tracking results

Course administrators can access all the required information to evaluate the employees’ progress. They can check the average time the participants need to complete each module and view the completion rate per module to get some insights. They can also get detailed information about the progress of every participant.

tracking course results in Confuence

Moreover, you can create customizable reports about all the courses on one page. Learn more about how to create course reports and check course results on the fly in this blog post.

Use Confluence as LMS for employee training

Whether you want to boost your employees’ motivation, check their level of skills, or create a smooth onboarding process for new hires — you need the right platform and tools to ensure your staff training is a success.

Confluence might be an ideal solution for effective interactive employee training if you use it along with izi – LMS for Confluence and Smart Attachments for Confluence.

If you’re ready to dig in, discover how to encourage self-directed learning in Confluence and ace employee certification helping your employees learn at their own pace.

If you want to discover more about how to turn Confluence into an LMS for effective employee training, let’s chat about how to get through it in the comments below or you can just drop an e-mail at